4 Steps To Catering Success

Catering is one of the core sectors we serve here at CoolKit, so it’s fair to say we’re pretty well-versed in how the industry works. We’ve talked recently about how crucial that refrigerated vans and chiller vehicles are to the smooth operation of a catering business, so in this week’s blog, we’re following that up with the key steps you need to make every catering event a success.

Here’s what you need to think about when considering how to cater for an event:

  1. Consulting with the client
  2. Planning the logistics
  3. Establishing a timeline
  4. Sticking to the plan!

Read on to find out the full details on each step.

  1. Hold A Client Consultation

As any caterer knows, your reputation amongst your clients is ultimately what makes or breaks your business. Many caterers find that their most lucrative business comes from referrals between clients, so your devotion to your customer has to be absolutely complete. Each client usually has a very specific vision for the event they want to hold, and it’s up to you to make that vision a reality. When you sit down with the client, then, you’ll want to discuss the type of event and the theme (if any), the number of guests in attendance, the menu options, pricing and timescales.

Remember, you need to totally understand your client’s requirements for the event, so that you can guarantee complete satisfaction. This is why the face-to-face meeting is so important!

  1. Iron Out The Logistics

    monitoring temperature

Armed with all the information from the customer, next comes the much harder challenge – getting all the logistics sorted. This includes ordering in all the ingredients, drinks, utensils and everything else you’ll need for the event. Draw up your inventory, order it in, and check and double-check the dates when you’re supposed to receive everything. If it’s a staffed event, make sure you’re recruiting or scheduling staff in good time.

You’ll be working out quantities of food, as well as any allergies amongst the diners. Alongside this, you’ll need to be making plans for the creation, transportation and presentation of your food.

This is where your transport considerations come in. If you don’t have a refrigerated van already, we’d strongly advise investing in one, either short term or permanently. We’ve already talked recently on the blog about why chiller vans are so crucial to the successful transportation of food, and when it comes to catering, you can’t afford to do without them!

  1. Create A Timeline For The Day


As well as a reliable fridge van or freezer van, a detailed timeline is another vital part of holding a successful catering event. It doesn’t look good if guests are left waiting, are served incorrectly (for example, vegetarians), or their food arrives cold. The trick to overcoming this is knowing exactly who and what should be where and when at all times. The timeline should cover the drop-off of food, as well as the preparation and serving times, and the schedules of all staff to ensure quality meals and top-class service. Don’t forget to consult with the client if you need to – they might know the venue or the clientele better than you do, so between you, you can form a comprehensive timeline that ensures the event itself goes off without a hitch.

  1. Stick To The Plan!

    plan of action

This is the final golden rule. After all, you’ve done all the planning, so you know what you’ve got to do and you know you’ve got everything you need to do it. It’s just a matter of keeping to the schedule, and making sure you deal with any problems that arise quickly and decisively. Apart from that, focus on delivering fantastic service and wonderful food!

Here at CoolKit, we’ve got a brilliant reputation amongst our customers for providing high-quality transport for all your refrigerated needs, which includes catering for events. A bespoke conversion can deliver a highly specialised vehicle for your exact requirements, or you can choose from one of our used fridge or freezer vans to get wheels on the ground in as little time as possible.

If you need any help or advice, don’t forget you can always call us on 0845 459 5418. We’re here to help!

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