Refrigerated Van Buyer’s Guide: Drop Rates And Strip Curtains

This is the final entry in our buyer’s guide series, in which our refrigeration experts help you to select the best refrigeration van for your business. Of course, your particular needs will likely be unique depending on your specific business and industry, but our professionals here at CoolKit will always be on hand to help out.

The last questions we’re covering are:

  1. How many drops will you be doing?
  2. How long will the doors be open for?
  3. Will you need strip curtains?

1 and 2. How Many Drops Will You Be Making?/How Long Will The Doors Be Open For?

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We’ve put these two questions under a single heading, because they’re very closely related. Both are key factors which affect the temperature inside the loading space, which in turn will determine what sort of refrigeration unit you need. At CoolKit we stock refrigeration units from four major brands, and each unit has a range of temperatures it’s best suited for.

The rule of thumb is that the higher the drop-off rate for your chiller van’s cargo, the harder the unit has to work in order to maintain the interior temperature. For example, an ice cream van’s interior temperature will need to be kept at -25oC at all times, so that the ice cream doesn’t melt. Normal freezer vans would be kept at -18oC, so in this case we’d definitely recommend a specific high-end model of refrigeration unit from our range.

As for the number of door openings, the typical number will be under three door openings an hour. In some cases it will be as many as four, but this is an absolute maximum. Meanwhile the longest duration they can be open for at a time is around three minutes. Again, if this is going to be the case we’d typically recommend our more powerful refrigeration units, whereas if the drop-off rate is going to be lower than this then we’d go with one of our smaller units, to maintain the energy efficiency of your chiller vehicle.

3. Will You Need Strip Curtains In Your Van?

strip curtains

Whatever the case with your refrigeration unit, here at CoolKit we’ll help to spec the correct one for your needs. While we’re doing this, we’ll also take a look at whether your chiller vehicle would benefit from strip curtains. They’ll always be necessary on a freezer van in order to keep the temperature down during pickups and drop-offs. For certain goods or products that need to be kept in deep-freeze (again, such as ice-cream), strip curtains are definitely required.

There’s also CurtAir, our own innovative in-house solution. CurtaAir has been specifically designed to provide efficiency and a significant payload saving on the van, without any loss in effectiveness. It’s inherently more powerful than strip curtains, but there is an associated rise in price, so it’s always best to check with our experts if you’re in doubt. For the record, a normal chiller van wouldn’t need strip curtains or CurtAir in order to maintain the interior temperature – the standard refrigeration unit will manage just fine.

That’s everything covered for this week – stay tuned for next week, where we’ll be finishing off our buyer’s guide series with a few final points. In the meantime, our refrigeration professionals are always on hand to answer any questions or concerns you might have – you can call us on 0845 459 5418. Or, if you’re satisfied you’ve got all the information you need, you can browse our site to see what fridge vans we have for sale.

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