How We Create Effective Insulated Lining Kits

The CoolKit Insulated Lining Kits are always manufactured in-house with the highest quality assured standards. It is always useful for our customers to understand the part an insulated lining kit plays in the conversion of a fridge van and how the quality standards affect the efficiency of the temperature controlled loading are of a van.

An insulated lining kit cannot stop heat getting into the vehicle, but it can slow down the rate at which it penetrates. As a general rule, the thicker the insulation is and the better it is fitted, the more it will slow down heat penetration. However, when manufacturing fridge van conversions there needs to be a compromise between what would be most efficient and what is practical. A thick insulated lining kit may stop more heat penetrating the fridge van, but can also affect the payload capabilities of the vehicle as the thicker the insulation, the heavier it will be to.

There are two ways heat gets through the insulation: it can either go straight through it or around it. Both need to be tackled if the insulation is to be effective. Using an adequate thickness of good quality insulation will solve the heat going straight through it, whilst a high standard design and fitting service will tackle the leaks and weak points.

The CoolKit insulation is manufactured from extruded polyester, also known as XPS. This is a rigid insulation formed with polystyrene polymer and fabricated using an extrusion process which provides greater thermal performance, minimal water absorption and high compressive strength. It is a light weight option which allows us to provide an excellent quality insulation for our fridge van conversions whilst also providing the best payload capabilities in the industry.

The insulation for the sides and roof of the van is then permanently bonded together with GRP Plastic which has been manufactured using a woven roving process to increase strength and stiffness of the lamination. Once the bond is fully complete, the insulated lining kits are cut to size using state-of-the-art machinery which allows us to create bespoke kits for each fridge van conversion we carry out, matching the van make and model requirements perfectly, resolving the issue of effective installation.

The bulkhead section of the fridge van is only bonded with GRP plastic on one side, whilst the other side is fitted with a sheet of plywood and fully covered with carpet to match the van interior exactly. The fridge van floor insulation is also bonded using plywood and laminated to create the hygienic flooring, a standard feature in all our fridge van conversions.

All of the above steps allow us to create highly effective insulated lining kits to an efficient thickness without compromising quality and payload of the temperature controlled vehicle.

Once the kit is fitted into the van, we use thermal imaging cameras to spot any leaks within the fridge van conversion to allow us to rectify any heat penetration and delivery a high standard refrigerated van to each of our customers.

Taking care to insulate each part of the body of a panel van as well as possible and then using the correct refrigeration unit with the right power output makes all the difference between an inefficient fridge van and a good one.

Speak to our expert team today on 0845 459 5418 and find out how we can help making sure your temperature controlled van is the best on the road.

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