Maintaining The Cold Chain

The cold chain is a crucial part of refrigerated transport, and a vital logistics consideration for almost every industry we serve here at CoolKit – and our chiller vans and refrigerated vehicles play a valuable role in maintaining it.

What Is The Cold Chain?

the cold chain

Essentially, the cold chain is a term used to refer to the temperature management of perishable goods. These perishable goods (sometimes referred to as ‘cool cargo’) need to be kept at a stable temperature from the moment of their creation right through to the moment of their end use. Maintaining an effective cold chain involves managing a network of refrigerators, freezers, chiller vehicles and cold stores in order to preserve and in some cases even extend the lifespan of ‘cool cargo’ – which can include things like flowers and bouquets, seafood and frozen food, as well as vaccines or drugs.

Why Is Maintaining The Cold Chain Important?

monitoring temperature

Without a well-regulated temperature, cool cargo and perishables can suffer adverse effects – which often vary from product to product. In the case of meat and other foods, they can change colour, bruise, degrade in texture or become home to bacteria. Any one of these can make them unfit for consumption, or at the very least make customers unwilling to take the risk. This can not only mean the shipment itself is written off, but it can cause longer-term damage to the distributor’s brand.

In the case of medical or pharmaceutical goods, the results can be the same. An unregulated temperature can wreak havoc on chemical or medical shipments; excessive heat can often make them completely useless in the best case scenario, or even actively harmful in the worst. Pharmaceuticals are developed – and generally act – only within a very specific set of conditions, and temperature is one of the most crucial of these.

In the case of flowers and other decorative features, a lack of temperature control can make them wilt or otherwise physically degrade, which makes them useless for their primary function. This in turn then makes them valueless, making cold chain management a vital part of the transportation process.

How Do CoolKit’s Refrigerated Vans Help?

chiller van

Our fridge vans play a crucial role in the cold chain – the transportation link. Without transportation that’s sufficiently temperature controlled, cool cargo would perish more or less immediately when being shipped between locations, meaning that the end-user would theoretically have to fetch the goods directly from the supplier – or else make their own in-house. At CoolKit, we pride ourselves on being the people who make effective cold chain management possible. Not only do our refrigeration kits control temperature, but also important other factors like the air’s humidity inside our vans, thereby ensuring the maximum lifespan of our cargo.

You might find that one of our fridge vans useful for your own purposes, or even one of our fridge van conversion kits. If in doubt, we’re always here to advise – just call us on 0845 459 5418, and we’ll help in any way we can.

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