The importance of temperature for pharmaceutical products

We all know that drugs should not be kept in bathroom cabinets as the humidity can have an impact on the effectiveness of them. But did you realise the impact temperature can have on a drug that has been kept outside of the stated perimeters?

A Pharmacists Opinion On Temperature Control

pharmacists medical fridge

According to a pharmacist who runs the pharmacy counter at a well-known supermarket, drugs that are stored outside of the strict guidelines effectively ‘go off’ and destroy the structure of the molecules inside. The majority of drugs can be kept at room temperature, but drugs like insulin, vaccines, creams, eye drops, and some kinds of inhalers need to be kept chilled. And these tend to be the drugs that could mean the difference between life and death.

The expert explained that these chilled drugs need to be kept cool because the preservative within the medicine itself is very low. Within pharmacy settings, staff are alerted to deviations in temperature. Medical fridges that contain temperature sensitive drugs are regularly read and the numbers recorded, and alarms alert staff if they are open for too long or go out of temperature range. The same is true when it comes to refrigerated vehicles made by CoolKit, that are designed and manufactured to adhere to Good Distribution Practice (GDP) legislation.

Drugs also need to be stored safely. Controlled drugs include morphine, methadone liquid, amphetamines and fentanyl and these should be kept secure in lockable boxes. We have a number of options to ensure these items are kept safe, including the new-to-market Melform 140L Biomed refrigerated pharmaceutical containers range. These insulated and temperature controlled containers come in a range of sizes and specifications for a variety of requirements.

melform biomed pharmaceutical insulated container

If a drug goes outside the stated temperature range, pharmacists have to adhere to the same guidelines as those transporting medicines from the wholesalers to pharmacies and are required to contact the manufacturer for advice. The majority of the time, manufacturers insist that the drugs have to be safely disposed of because the effectiveness of the medicine can no longer be guaranteed. With a single temperature-controlled asthma inhaler costing £50, a van load of pharmaceuticals has the potential to hold tens of thousands of pounds worth of goods.

We have listened to the needs of its growing client base and has developed a rigorous design that maintains and monitors temperatures within pharmaceutical vehicles.

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