How The Transcan Pharma Benefits Medical Transport Refrigeration

Continuing our series on temperature recording equipment, at CoolKit we’ve long been partnered with our supplier Seven Telematics, supplying precision temperature monitoring equipment in your chiller vans for when you need it most. This week we’re taking a look at one of their flagship products – the Transcan Pharma+ Temperature Data Logger – and the many benefits it provides to the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

What Is The Transcan Pharma?

 transcan pharma

Temperature data loggers are exactly what they sound like: automatic systems that give clear and concise information about the temperature status of products at all times. It not only displays how the products are doing at present, but also keeps detailed records of any fluctuations in temperature in the past. (This has a number of advantages, which we went into in detail during our last blog.)

While not all of our clients find these devices necessary, those in certain industries almost universally do, and the medical industry is definitely one such sector. At CoolKit, we can fit temperature loggers as part of our chiller van conversions, depending on the client’s request. Essentially, the Transcan Pharma is a temperature data logger designed with a number of additional features, that make it ideal for use in the pharmaceutical distribution industry.

What Makes It So Useful

 fitted transcan pharma

Every aspect of the Transcan Pharma has been intricately designed for precision and control. It incorporates the ADR (Automatic Daily Recording) system, which comprises real time monitoring and alerts so that you know exactly what your products’ status is at all times. The Transcan Pharma can also support up to four separate temperature inputs from precision thermistor sensors. These sensors have a dampened thermal response, to avoid hypersensitivity. Rather than sounding an alert for momentary, insignificant dips, you can instead rely on them to report only substantial changes in temperature that pose a real risk to your products.

It’s characterised for operation between -45oC and +50oC, which gives you a wide temperature range in which to categorise your products. (Smaller temperature ranges would limit your options in terms of the products they’re capable of monitoring – if your products needed to be at -30oC, but your temperature logger is only capable of monitoring temperatures above 25oC, it would be of little use to you.)

The Transcan Pharma also lets you add up to four switch inputs such as door switches, defrost and fridge on/off alarms, allowing you a fine degree of control over the conditions in which your drivers are notified.

Extensive Record Keeping

data logs

A major function of the Transcan Pharma is its historic data retention: in other words its particularly detailed history of temperature logs, which makes it immensely useful for keeping records. It also allows pharmaceutical professionals to maintain forensic audit trails, so that any problems, anomalies or irregularities can be quickly traced and identified. The Transcan Pharma implements decimal printing in all its records, for extra precision. This is particularly important in the pharmaceutical industry, which works to extremely narrow margins of error when it comes to the transport of their products.

It also holds the distinction of being the only multi-language self-documenting temperature recorder, with languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish or Dutch. This makes it instrumental if drivers have to cross international borders with their cargo, or temporarily hand over the refrigerated vehicles themselves to foreign drivers.

The above points are just a few of the reasons that if your business is in the pharmaceutical industry, we would recommend investing in a Transcan Pharma. The benefits it has to offer speak for themselves! The medical industry is just one of many sectors we serve here at CoolKit. You can see a full list of them here, or alternatively you take a closer look about what’s involved in our fridge van conversions. Don’t forget, you can always contact us on 0845 459 5418 for any questions you might have!

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