What’s involved in fridge van servicing?

Once you’ve bought your new fridge van or or freezer van, keeping it in top condition will be an ongoing priority. After all, fridge van maintenance is a hugely important aspect of owning any of these vehicles, if you want to preserve the functions of your business and get the most out of them. That’s where we can help here at CoolKit, as we offer a range of services relating to refrigerated van maintenance. Here, we explain some of the key elements that you can expect these routine service and maintenance checks to cover.

1. Regular insulation and cooling system checks

The insulated envelope and cooling system are some of the core components of a refrigerated van, so they’re one of the top priorities to check in any routine service and maintenance. The cooling system often takes the form of a mechanical vapour compression system, which is powered by the van’s engine. The compressor unit itself is essentially the beating heart of the van, and unless it’s fully functioning, the van is unable to fulfil its central purpose, so the insulation lining and the compressor are both particularly important aspects to check on a regular basis.

2. The internal container integrity

Almost all refrigerated vans see a lot of movement of heavy goods and cargo in and out of their loading compartment, and all this loading and unloading means the ever-present risk of scratches and other kinds of casual damage to the cooling system. The refrigeration systems and air distribution systems are particularly vulnerable, so these both make up further items on an engineer’s long checklist when carrying out a routine service and maintenance.


3. Condition of the bodywork

While it might not seem as immediately high-priority as the internal refrigeration systems, bodywork is not to be overlooked during a routine service and maintenance. Any outside damage like buckling or dents can have a knock-on effect upon the temperature seal, in turn affecting the internal temperature of the van. This could have worrying implications for the condition of your cargo. That means any holes, damage or corrosion needs to be addressed and repaired as a matter of priority, or it could cost you the price of a whole shipment – or several!

4. Optimisation of the internal temperature

We’ve touched upon this briefly above, but obviously maintaining the internal temperature of a fridge van is absolutely vital to its performance. For this reason, a routine service and maintenance will typically involve placing a temperature probe within the vehicle and setting the engine running, so that the engineer can check that it’s at the correct temperature, and record the accuracy of the reading.


That’s not an exhaustive list of all the checks involved in a fridge van service and maintenance, but encompasses the main aspects of what you can expect it to cover. And we can do all of it on your behalf right here at CoolKit. We offer a range of maintenance packages, including regular annual servicing. We’re known throughout the North West and beyond for the quality of our services and expertise, so you can always count on the very best from our engineers.

And of course, we offer a fantastic range of new and used fridge and freezer vans from leading manufacturers such as Peugeot, Nissan and Ford. Feel free to give our sales team a call for more details about how we can help you, whether that’s by repairing your existing fleet, or providing advice on the best vehicles you can use to expand it!

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