Why buy a new refrigerated van?

Should I buy a new fridge van or a used one? That’s one of the most universal questions that our customers often have to ask themselves here at CoolKit, whatever their sector or industry. We’re happy to be able to provide unbiased answers, given that we stock an extensive range of both! Of course, used vans have their own distinct set of advantages (not just the initial lower purchasing price), but new fridge vans also have their own trademark advantages as well. Here are six of the biggest!

Cutting edge driving technology

Automotive technology has come along in great leaps and bounds in recent years, and there are instantly recognisable differences between many brand new vans compared to those produced just half a decade ago. Brand new vans benefit from the very latest cutting edge technology, with a whole host of new systems for safety and convenience that have practically become the modern standard.

These systems include things like lane assist, parking sensors, and even semi-autonomous driving, all of which can help to make a driver’s life even easier. They’re exceptionally useful for taking the edge off those long motorway journeys!

High tech interiors

The raft of new technologies doesn’t just apply to the driving and handling of the vehicle itself, but also extends to the communications and infotainment systems in its interior. Many customers have become used to seeing those distinctive infotainment screens practically as standard inclusions in most modern vans, simplifying and facilitating navigation, time management and communication. Now it’s easier than ever for fridge vans to fulfil the dual roles of cargo vehicles and mobile offices, while extra features like Bluetooth connectivity can also help them stay in touch with headquarters, or help passengers to while away the time on longer journeys.

new trafic interior2

Image is everything

While it’s not always realistic to expect a work van to stay pristine forever, there’s no denying the visual appeal that a brand new van can have. If it’s the sort of thing your customers are looking for, choosing a new van can give the impression that you’re constantly innovating, that you invest in your assets and that you’re committed to staying ahead of the latest developments in your industry. Whether you’re an SME, a large corporation or even a small trader, there’s no denying that a new van can be seriously impressive, and make a big impact on the impressions your customers form of your business.

Engines and efficiency

Now obviously we’re not saying that used vans can’t be efficient – quite the opposite! But the newest vans must conform to gradually stricter regulations, which ultimately means that they tend to be even more efficient than their older counterparts.

How much that matters to you may well depend on how long you intend to keep your van for. If you’re planning on trading in your van again in just a few years or so, engine efficiency might not be such a huge concern, as you may find that the amount you’d save in fuel may or may not outweigh the initially higher purchase price.

On the other hand, if you’re planning on keeping hold of your next fridge van for the foreseeable future, then the efficiency of your engines is probably something to seriously consider. With with introduction of initiatives like London’s ULEZ, and more like it probably on the way, more efficient engines could save you more than just fuel costs – they can help spare you from the charges levied by councils for older, more polluting vehicles. Something to bear in mind!


Naturally, reliability is always going to be a big priority when you’re buying a new freezer van or a new fridge van. There are plenty of vans which manage to maintain their reliability just fine as the years go by, but new vans also offer a full manufacturer’s warranty which can give you valuable peace of mind!

new fridge vans warranty

Bespoke vans

We saved the best for last – as you’d expect, one of the biggest benefits to buying a new fridge van is the ability to specify your perfect vehicle from the ground up. Here at CoolKit, we have been widely recognised for our industry leading fridge van conversions service, which we use to accommodate a diverse range of customer needs – for example, racking electric standby and multi-temperature capability. With sophisticated in-house engineering and manufacturing capability, as well as unrivalled expertise at our disposal, we’re able to produce bespoke fridge vans to exacting customer demands.

You can find out more about our Fridge and Freezer Vans Conversions service here, or browse our huge range of new fridge vans and new freezer vans right here on our site. Don’t forget that if you’re looking for something in particular, or if you’ve got any questions or need any advice, we’re always on hand to help – just give us a call on 01282 504 439, and we’ll be happy to see how we can help!

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