Why Buy A New Refrigerated Vehicle?

One of the key decisions our customers often find themselves faced with is the choice between buying a new or used refrigerated vehicle. The truth is that each type can be an equally viable choice – it mainly depends on your personal requirements. This week on the blog at CoolKit, we’re taking a moment to outline the main reasons why you might want to consider buying a new fridge or freezer van.

Here are the three key reasons:

  1. Matched to your exact specifications
  2. No previous drivers
  3. It keeps its value for resale

A New Fridge Van Is Designed For You

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One of the greatest advantages of new fridge or freezer vans is that they can be completely customised to the needs of you and your business, from the very ground up. Our CoolKit engineers can perform truly excellent conversions upon used fridge vans, and many of our customers find that these are perfectly capable of suiting their requirements, especially if they need their vans on the road quickly. However these sorts of conversions are always performed within an existing framework. Meanwhile, a specialised fridge van conversion right from scratch has a range of key advantages – to begin with, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the very latest technology we stock here at CoolKit, and configure it in a way that suits you, without any limitations. This includes our CurtAir technology, which provides a number of improvements upon traditional strip curtains.

The highly specialised refrigerated vehicles which these sorts of conversions can produce are particularly well suited to businesses with very specific or complex requirements. For example, a pharmaceutical business may well need to regularly transport its products at very exacting temperatures in order to avoid them becoming spoiled (and therefore useless). CoolKit engineers can then design and configure the fridge van with this in mind, which might result in a very distinct type of vehicle from that which might be used, say, to transport flowers for a local florist.

Naturally, this sort of conversion can take notably longer than a straightforward conversion on a used fridge van, but many of our customers find it well worth the investment!

No Wear And Tear On A New Fridge Van

why buy a new refrigerated vehicle new vans

This is one of the more obvious points – your brand new fridge van will never have had anyone driving it before, which means there will be absolutely zero wear and tear. Here at CoolKit, we keep our used fridge and freezer vehicles to a very high standard anyway, but you can be safe in the knowledge with a new refrigerated vehicle that it won’t have had anything adjusted, altered or replaced; instead, it’ll be delivered in pristine, factory condition.

New Refrigerated Vehicles Keep Their Value

why buy a new refrigerated vehicle new vans

This won’t be so much of an immediate concern, but if you do decide to sell your refrigerated van at a later date, you’ll find that these types of vehicle reliably keep their value. If yours has been a highly specialised conversion like those we’ve mentioned above, this will especially hold true, as the extra bells and whistles will add even more to the value of the vehicle.

Whether you plan on buying a new or used fridge van, you can count on us to have what you need at CoolKit – not to mention, quality expertise and excellent customer service to match. You can browse our new fridge vans here, or alternatively if you require particularly low temperatures, you can take a look at our new freezer vans here.

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