Why do so many CoolKit customers love our Peugeot freezer van?

We’ve always served a huge range of industries here at CoolKit, many of which have their own distinct needs. For example, our pharmaceutical customers generally have greater need for fridge vans, whereas our customers in the ice cream business obviously tend to rely more on freezer vans. Our Peugeot Boxer freezer van is often amongst the most popular vehicles in this category, so this week on the blog we thought we’d take a slightly closer look at why!

A quick introduction to CoolKit’s Peugeot Boxer Freezer Van

In many ways, the Peugeot Boxer is a prime example of the quality of vehicles we strive to consistently supply here at CoolKit. It’s a medium sized, reliable refrigerated vehicle that’s designed to perform at a freezer temperature of -18C, making it ideal for customers in, for example, the meat, dairy and fish industry. Produced by globally-renowned manufacturer Peugeot, our own design engineers have fitted it with a CoolKit refrigerated conversion kit. This comes with its own manufacturer’s warranty, in addition to the separate manufacturer’s warranty that already applies to the base vehicle.

The Peugeot Boxer has been designed to be reliably safe and secure, protecting the load with an internal alarm and a series of deadlocks, enhanced by the full steel bulkhead that protects the cargo from would-be thieves. Meanwhile, the driver’s life is made easier with the addition of a rear parking aid, and an ESP (Electronic Stability Programme), which uses computer intelligence to aid braking and manoeuvring in harsh driving conditions.


The comfort of the driver is another clear priority, and the interior of the refrigerated vehicle is outfitted with an integrated touchscreen for navigation, cruise control, and a Bluetooth and USB socket – amongst others! Finally, as with many of our refrigerated vehicles, the Peugeot Boxer freezer van has a hygienic and waterproof interior, internal LED lighting and a durable, hardwearing floor. It’s also fully compliant with the Euro 6 regulations, which govern engine emissions.

Why do our customers love it so much?

One of the many reasons why our Peugeot Boxer freezer van is so popular is because of its payload. Through the use of modern, lightweight components, and expansive capacity, it achieves a high payload that makes it a highly efficient and economic vehicle, improving productivity and lowering costs for a customers across a whole range of industries.

Its size is also a major factor. The fact that it’s a medium sized van makes it highly versatile. It’s got a higher capacity than some of the smaller vans, but at the same time it doesn’t require quite the same level of investment as a bigger van would, making it a great scalable option for businesses that are just starting out, and are currently unsure of their eventual capacity. If you’re looking to build a fleet of refrigerated vehicles for your own business but you’re not sure how many you’ll need or how big they’ll need to be, the Peugeot Boxer is always a safe option.

Finally, the rear parking sensors – though obviously not unique to the Peugeot Boxer – are a great bonus for helping drivers navigate the vehicle into tight spaces, which can sometimes be abundant even in the space of relatively short delivery runs. Even if it saves as little as a minute or so in the course of each delivery, this saved time can add up over just the space of a week, and translate to a noticeable benefit to productivity.

Now, this post is just intended to give a brief overview to this handy refrigerated vehicle. If you want explore it in a little more detail, you can always visit its product page on our website. Alternatively, you can just give our team a call on 0808 250 3994. We’re always happy to help!

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