Why Your Business Needs A Refrigerated Van

There’s a simple and universal truth when it comes to refrigerated vans – if you deal in perishable goods and you need to transport them out further than your shop door, you need a chilled van. It really is that simple! In this week’s blog, we’ve collected three of the main reasons why a non-refrigerated vehicle just won’t cut it, making it vital to invest in a refrigerated van. (Especially if you’re expanding!)

Ensuring The Quality Of Your Products

wasted food products

This is perhaps the most obvious point on our list, but we think it’s worth reiterating anyway. Certain products are heavily dependent on the surrounding temperature in order to maintain their quality – this includes frozen food such as meats, poultry and fish, as well as precisely engineered medicines and even flowers (which are quick to wilt without water in warm temperatures). Ice cream is an excellent example, as temperature control is absolutely integral to its manufacture and distribution. If any of these are stored or transported in anything but a chiller or freezer van, they will be ruined by the time they get to their destination, rendering them unusable for their intended purpose and resulting in a complete loss of your stock.

Maintaining The Health And Safety Of Your Customers

loading a van ready for dispatch

This is more of a secondary concern, since if your products are products aren’t temperature controlled, almost all retailers will refuse to stock them in the first place. However, in case you’re thinking that short trips will still be OK, you should know that even short trips from your premises to your stockist don’t make your products immune from the effects of poor temperature control. Even slightly defrosted food, for example, can pick up bacteria that could even make customers ill – and when that happens, you can be sure that the consequences will fall on your business.

Protecting Your Business’s Reputation And Bottom Line

The unfortunate truth is that whether you’re an established business or you’re just starting out, too many wasted deliveries can be enough to seriously damage confidence in your brand – and this holds true for both suppliers and customers. Meanwhile, as we’ve touched on above, the cargo itself can be particularly costly to replace (especially expensive specialised goods like pharmaceuticals). Either one of these factors alone can be potentially devastating for your business – if suppliers are refusing to stock your product, or you’re losing too much revenue from damaged goods, it can quickly begin to cause you serious problems. They’re just two more reasons why a non-refrigerated van can never be a substitute for a proper chiller vehicle. Trust us, it’s worth investing!

Here at CoolKit, we have a huge range of fridge vans and freezer vans in stock, in both new and used varieties. The expertise of our engineers is second to none, allowing us to create a refrigerated vehicle that’s tailored to the exact requirements of you and your business. If you need any help or advice, you can always give our team a call on 0845 459 5418.

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