Catering & Food Service

When designing a fridge van for the catering and food service sector, it is important to understand the need for dual temperature requirements. Our experienced design team can create the best possible solution depending on customer requirements, making sure we create a temperature controlled vehicle which performs efficiently to the desired temperature ranges.

Typically, a dual temperature vehicle within this industry will have an ambient section and a chilled section divided by a built-in bulkhead. This bulkhead can be designed to be fixed or moving, allowing customers to change the size of each compartment if required.

There are several combinations which can be offered to customers depending on their preferences. It is possible to place the ambient section at the rear of the van, accessible via the back doors, and the chilled load space at the front of the van accessible via the side panel door. This combination is popular for food service businesses selling produce from their van, where they can display ambient temperature goods at the rear of the van and keep the rest of the stock chilling at the front. Another combination would be to have the chilled zone at the back of the van and a small ambient section at the front of the van. This all depends on the needs of the customer and we are flexible on what can be achieved.

Catering businesses wanting to transport their produce to venues using refrigerated vehicles, can make use of our design expertise to incorporate shelving, racking or any other storage facility within the load space that would suit their transportation requirements. The benefit of us taking the time to understand from the start what the fridge van will be utilised for, will make sure we can propose the best vehicle make and model, considering internal dimensions after conversion and payload capabilities, providing customers with peace of mind on their investment with us.

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