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Our trained, certified mobile technicians understand that unexpected issues with your van cause significant delays, affecting your business and letting down customers. This is why we attend quickly when your unit needs repair. Call us now on 0800 622 6104 to get help, fast.

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Industry-leading technicians supporting your refrigerated vans

At CoolKit, we offer much more than vehicle refrigeration repairs. We like to build long-term relationships with our customers, which continue directly after the vehicle delivery and throughout its life cycle.

With over 15 years of experience in manufacturing refrigerated vehicles, our customers can trust us with the service, maintenance, and repair of their fridge units should something go wrong. Our reliable network of mobile refrigeration engineers operates a UK-wide aftercare service. So, wherever you are on your journey, we’re there for you.

With a range of maintenance packages available, both contract and Pay-As-You-Go, you are sure to find the perfect aftercare platform for your business, ensuring the long life cycle of your CoolKit refrigerated van.

We cover service, maintenance and repair of:

  • Light commercial vehicle direct drive refrigeration units
  • Truck & trailer diesel refrigeration units
  • Night heaters
  • Commercial freezer rooms

Maintenance packages available

If you’re operating a large fleet of refrigerated vehicles or you just want some peace of mind while on the road, our contract maintenance packages are an excellent choice. These packages ensure your fridge unit is working effectively, providing a preventative maintenance program so you don’t have to worry. This means that no matter where you are in the UK and regardless of the time, we can answer your call. Our attendance is between 2 hours and the next day, depending on availability and the time of day of the call-out.

  • Service & inspection
  • Calibration certificate
  • 5% discounted repair parts
  • Refrigerant disposal
  • Service & inspection
  • Calibration certificate
  • Breakdown repair
  • Refrigerant disposal
  • Inclusive breakdown repair hours

What our maintenance packages include

Service & Inspection

Our thorough service and inspection identify and address potential fridge unit issues, ensuring peak efficiency and preventing unexpected breakdowns.

Calibration Certificate

Receive a calibration certificate verifying precise temperature settings, crucial for businesses in industries like food and pharmaceuticals to meet regulatory standards.

Refrigerant Disposal

Our service includes eco-friendly refrigerant disposal, adhering to environmental standards and legal requirements for responsible handling.

Breakdown Repair

Our skilled technicians swiftly address breakdowns, efficiently identifying and fixing issues to minimize downtime and restore your fridge unit promptly.

Inclusive Breakdown Repair Hours

Benefit from inclusive hours covering the labour required for breakdown repairs, providing transparency and predictable service costs within a specified timeframe.

Discounted Repair Parts

Enjoy a discount on high-quality repair parts, ensuring both affordability and reliability for your fridge unit.

Tailored refrigerated van repair

We also offer tailored refrigerated van repair service for those who would prefer to pay as and when. This is a more popular choice amongst those with only one fridge van. However, it suits a range of people in a long list of industries, so ultimately, the choice is yours.

Paul Barton

Aftersales Manager

Sarah Belshaw

Aftersales Administrator

Lukasz Pietraszek

Transport Refrigeration Engineer

Stewart Buckley

Transport Refrigeration Engineer

Speak to Paul Barton & Sarah Belshaw now on 0800 622 6104 for more details.

Diligently ensuring our vehicles' compliance, the team went above and beyond, always seeking the optimal solution. Their attentiveness and dedication earned them a perfect 10/10 for customer service.

Thrilled with the excellent service, I commend the efficient and helpful technical support for my fridge. The technician's superb expertise left me thoroughly satisfied, prompting me to sign up for a service contract, showcasing my confidence in the provider's capabilities and ensuring ongoing maintenance for my appliance.

Delighted with CoolKit's exceptional service, I express my utmost satisfaction with their initial contact team, aftersales support, and mobile engineers. A heartfelt thank you for their outstanding efforts!

Consistently easy to collaborate with, providing valuable support in coordinating visit timings to ensure the continuous operation of the vehicle.

Extremely pleased with the prompt and professional service we consistently receive. A special appreciation for Lukasz, whose service is always excellent and accompanied by a welcoming smile.

Always ready to assist, they make every effort to dispatch an engineer promptly. When addressing queries, responses are typically immediate; if not, they ensure a callback with a resolution on the same day.

I've collaborated with Paul and his team, particularly Sarah and Lucas, on numerous occasions, and their performance has consistently been outstanding. Whether it's scheduling, collecting/delivering vans, or handling invoices, their efficiency is commendable. Our company has full confidence in Paul and his team, and we couldn't praise them more for their exceptional service.

Swift, efficient, and hassle-free – the task was completed on time, and I was consistently kept informed at every stage. Such service is truly commendable in this day and age. In a single word: "AWESOME."

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