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Man refrigerated vans for sale

MAN Refrigerated Vans for Sale

Discover how functional, efficient, and reliable our CoolKit fleet of Toyota is. Crafted to leverage Toyota’s renowned high-quality standards, both in terms of performance and space optimisation, our bespoke fridge van conversions offer any business operating in the cold chain supply incredibly practical, flexible, and dynamic solutions. Explore our range of Toyota fridge vans at CoolKit and see what great difference they will make in your day-to-day activities.

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Man L2
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Why Choose a CoolKit MAN Fridge Van?

Renowned for being exceptionally dependable, safe, and long-lasting, MAN vans are built on a foundation of phenomenal engineering and manufacturing. With a long history of producing commercial vehicles, MAN is a brand that prioritises excellence and innovation in every aspect of their vans, from sturdy chassis to powerful engines. Backed by a strong reputation and rigorous testing processes, attention to detail, and constant commitment, MAN vehicles are trusted by businesses worldwide as a preferred choice for commercial transportation. So, choosing a CoolKit MAN fridge van means that you will benefit from both MAN’s superior quality performance and CoolKit’s advanced refrigeration technology. Here are three reasons why our MAN refrigerated vans are ideal for you:

Remarkable temperature control

Increased efficiency

Our MAN refrigerated vans boast fuel-optimisation features and are designed to boost their efficiency, reducing costs and environmental impact.

Customisable options

At CoolKit, you can customise your MAN refrigerated van to meet your specific business requirements, from cargo space to temperature control.

Our MAN refrigerated vans are equipped with modern cooling innovations to ensure precise temperature control, preserving the integrity of temperature-sensitive products during their journey.

Key Features of MAN Vans

Our CoolKit selection includes the MAN L2 (TGE) and the more spacious MAN L3 (TGE) vans. Whether you require a smaller, agile van for urban deliveries or a larger vehicle for long-haul journeys, we have the perfect MAN fridge van for your business.


Compact yet robust, the MAN L2 boasts agility and excellent manoeuvrability, making it ideal for urban deliveries without compromising on cargo space. Its ergonomic design ensures great efficiency in tight spaces while maintaining optimal refrigeration standards.


The larger MAN L3 model offers expanded cargo capacity, making it suitable for long-haul transportation and bulk deliveries. Equipped with innovative technology and a sturdy structure, it delivers flexible yet dependable performance.

Why choose a CoolKit Refrigerated Van?

Experts in the design and manufacture of award-winning fridge vans, we offer a quick turnaround service on our conversions.

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Which MAN Model Is Right for Me?

Picking the right MAN fridge van model depends on your business activities, goals, daily operations, and transported goods. We offer both off-the-shelves and customisable options to ensure you can benefit from well-rounded, exceptional performance.

Off the shelf

Browse through our selection of MAN refrigerated vans to discover the ideal fit for your business requirements. Whether you prioritise cargo space, fuel efficiency, or modern cooling technologies, our CoolKit range offers various options to meet your needs. Given the high demand for our MAN refrigerated vans, it is advisable to secure your vehicle today.

Customise Your Renault Fridge Van

Use our configurator tool to fully personalise every detail of your CoolKit MAN refrigerated van. From fuel efficiency to storage space and temperature management options, transform your ideas into practical features and improve your business’s refrigerated demands.


Need a Reliable MAN Fridge Van? Choose CoolKit!

CoolKit’s extensive experience in fridge van conversions reliably turns regular MAN vans into extremely efficient refrigerated and freezer units, taking your business to new productivity levels. Our refrigerated vans are designed to face any challenge the road throws at them, meeting the special requirements of businesses operating in the cold chain supply. Browse our extensive selection of MAN refrigerated vans or freezer vans for sale. Should you need any assistance or advice, contact us, and we will be happy to guide you and point you to the ideal choice.

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