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We stock huge numbers of new fridge vans in-stock here at CoolKit, helping us to facilitate the fastest order fulfilment in the refrigerated van industry.

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CoolKit holds the largest stock of new freezer vans in the UK, with a variety of makes and models available. Competitive finance options available.

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From buyer’s guides to reviews to the latest industry knowledge, the CoolKit blog has everything you need – courtesy of our refrigeration vehicle experts.

coolkit van specialists

When Should You Upgrade Your Current Fleet? Our 5 Top Tips

If you’re a fleet operator, it’s clear that you’ll rely on your vehicles every day. Without them, your trade won’t drive forward and you’ll be...

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government grants for electric vans

Government Grants for Electric Vans: What Funding is Available?

The UK Government has committed to meeting net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 – this will ensure the UK ends its contribution to climate change....

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cool kit servicing specialists

How to Find the Right Van Servicing Specialist For You

Choosing a refrigerated van servicing specialist is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a fleet operator or refrigerated van owner. The right...

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weekly van maintenance checklist

Refrigerated Van Maintenance: 4 Ways to Reduce Your Vehicle Emissions

Regular vehicle maintenance is essential for keeping your van in top condition. Maintenance will prevent unexpected repair bills, protect the long term value of your...

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electric vans

Are Electric Vans the Future? Here’s What You Need to Know

Are electric vans the future? Well, many businesses are starting to invest in electric vans. If you operate a fleet or rely on your vans...

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cool kit electric vans

CoolKit: How We Can Help You Upgrade to an Electric Vehicle

In reply to the UK’s climate change response commencing in 2022, at CoolKit, we’ve been working hard to meet the demand for electric vans. We...

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