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We stock huge numbers of new fridge vans in-stock here at CoolKit, helping us to facilitate the fastest order fulfilment in the refrigerated van industry.

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CoolKit holds the largest stock of new freezer vans in the UK, with a variety of makes and models available. Competitive finance options available.

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From buyer’s guides to reviews to the latest industry knowledge, the CoolKit blog has everything you need – courtesy of our refrigeration vehicle experts.

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Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

CoolKit is urging anyone in the market for a new van to pre-order right now or miss out. Stock levels across the UK have hit...

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coolkit van conversions

CoolKit: Our Most Common Van Conversion Questions Answered

Van conversions increase your available van payload, they’re great for maximised efficiency and they’re a great way to futureproof your business. Whether that’s a van...

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van conversions

CoolKit: Exploring Our Van Conversion Kits

At CoolKit, our conversion kits can increase business efficiency, a vehicle’s payload and a company’s overall revenue. We’re van conversion specialists for a reason. We’ve...

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van conversion cost

How Much Does a Refrigerated Van Conversion Cost?

How much does a van conversion cost? Van conversions can increase payload, they’re game-changing for business efficiency and they can boost a company’s revenue. There’s...

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van conversion ideas

5 Refrigerated Van Conversion Ideas For Your Business

Van conversions can help a variety of industries – whether you’re a small rental company or you’re a transport refrigeration engineer. Van conversions have many...

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refrigerated vans

6 Considerations When Investing in a Refrigerated Van

If you’re looking at purchasing a refrigerated van, it isn’t always as straightforward as just choosing one. There’s many considerations that need to be made...

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