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Ford Transit Connect Refrigerated Vans for Sale

Buy or lease a new Ford Transit fridge van through award-winning van converters, CoolKit today. The UK’s leading fridge and freezer van converter.

Ford Transit Connect Fridge & Freezer Van Conversions

The Transit Connect Van combines trademark Ford Transit toughness with state-of-the-art technology to help you work smarter.

The Transit Connect Van comes with a single row of seats to maximise your load space.
Available in short (SWB) or long wheelbase (LWB) options, the Transit Connect Van provides up to 3.6 cubic metres of load space and can carry up to 961 kg of cargo. And with an ingenious load-through bulkhead you’ll be able to transport long, awkward items too.

This exceptional mid-sized van is packed with sophisticated technologies, including Active Park Assist, Traffic Sign Recognition, and SYNC 3. These systems work together to help you stay connected and in control.

Key Ford Transit Connect Features

Ford ecoblue diesel engine

The Ford TDCi diesel engines, available in 75 PS, 100 PS, and 120 PS variants, leave a lasting impression with their refined power and outstanding fuel economy. Whether you’re navigating urban streets, city roads, or embarking on lengthy motorway journeys in your Transit Connect Van, these engines excel in providing seamless torque delivery, proving invaluable when tackling inclines or overtaking.

The buisness app for connect vehicles

Whether you own a single van or oversee a fleet of up to five, the Ford Pass Pro app unveils their intelligent capabilities. Tailored specifically for commercial vehicles, equipped with functions such as SecuriAlert and Vehicle Health Alerts, FordPass Pro aids in ensuring your vans stay operational, your cargo remains safe, and your business continues to thrive.

Active park assist

Active Park Assist can steer you into parallel or perpendicular parking spaces. Simply push a button and the sensors of this innovative system locate a suitable space as you drive past. Then it automatically steers in your Transit Connect Van. All you do is operate the accelerator, gears and brake (following

Pre-Collision assist

Assist detects vehicles and pedestrians in the road ahead, or who could cross your van’s path, and warns you of their presence. If you don’t respond, the system automatically applies the brakes. This technology is designed to help reduce the severity of accidents, or help avoid them altogether, and functions at speeds of up to 80km/h (50 mph).

We're the UK's market leader for a reason

With a well-established reputation and recognised expertise, CoolKit excels in providing industry-leading equipment for refrigerated and temperature-controlled light commercial vehicles. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including van conversions, ready-converted vans, kit-form conversions, and rigid insulated box bodies, all designed and manufactured in-house, we ensure unmatched quality and precision. Our commitment to innovation allows us to tackle challenges associated with electrically powered vehicles (EVs), delivering efficient solutions for payload and range concerns.

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Fridge and freezer van conversions

We are the industry’s true experts in refrigerated van conversions, offering constant innovation and high standards to meet your needs. We provide full or partial conversions on your schedule, with secure storage for up to 300 vans on-site and full insurance coverage. Our conversions set the standard with lightweight materials, superior insulation, OEM accreditations, and hardwearing components. Options include a choice of refrigeration units, reinforced waterproof interiors, and LED lighting. Trust CoolKit for your high-quality refrigerated van conversion services.

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Small and Large Fleet Operations

CoolKit is the preferred temperature-controlled small and large fleet van conversion supplier, providing reliable, durable conversions and bodies with the best build quality and productivity. Our innovative designs result in lighter van structures, offering industry-leading payload capacity. All CoolKit vehicles meet required standards, such as ISO9001 and ISO14001, ensuring compliance. With strong relationships with LCV manufacturers, we offer leading brand van conversions. You can count on CoolKit for compliance, performance, service and maintenance solutions to keep your fleet on the road.

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Leasing & finance available

We understand that investing in a new refrigerated van or fleet is a significant undertaking and can be quite costly. While cost is a crucial factor, compromising on the perfect vehicle for your business needs isn’t an option. That’s why we offer a range of flexible freezer and refrigerated van lease and finance options to make it affordable for you to choose the ideal solution that complements your operations.

Our diverse selection includes refrigerated, freezer, and dual temperature vehicles, enabling you to enhance your fleet and elevate your operations to new heights. With low payments and the assurance of expertly arranged financing deals, you can be confident in your fleet’s reliability and performance. Working with various funding providers, we prioritise affordability, ensuring that you’re never left financially burdened by your choice. Even if you have the means to buy your fleet outright, financing presents valuable flexibility and safeguards against inflation, depreciation, and limited options in the future.

Our finance options adhere to all relevant financial regulations, and our team of experts is always available to guide you through the process, providing the confidence you need to make the best decision.

Embrace the advantages of refrigerated van lease and finance options to propel your business forward with efficiency and peace of mind.

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How long does a fridge van conversion take?

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What are the available sizes and configurations for Ford Transit Refrigerated Vans?

CoolKit offers a variety of sizes and configurations for Ford Transit Refrigerated Vans to cater to different business needs. Customers can choose from various van models, load capacities, and insulation options. Additionally, CoolKit provides the option for interior customisation to suit specific requirements, such as shelving, racking, and partitioning.

What temperature range can the refrigerated van maintain?

The refrigerated van can maintain a temperature range typically between -25°C to +25°C, depending on the model and cooling system chosen. The refrigeration unit installed by CoolKit is designed to ensure precise temperature control, keeping perishable goods fresh and safe during transportation.

What is an overnight standby function on a fridge van?

The refrigeration unit in the Ford Transit van can be powered through the vehicle’s engine (direct drive) or through a separate power source, such as an electric standby unit (electric standby). CoolKit offers various cooling systems to suit different customer preferences and operational needs. The systems are designed to be energy-efficient, and the electric standby option allows for cooling even when the van’s engine is not running.

What safety features are included in the Ford Transit Refrigerated Van conversion?

The Ford Transit Refrigerated Van conversion by CoolKit incorporates essential safety features such as temperature alarms, safety door releases, and anti-slip flooring. The conversion complies with relevant safety standards and regulations to ensure the secure transportation of perishable goods.

How much payload capacity does the Ford Transit Refrigerated Van offer?

The payload capacity of the Ford Transit Refrigerated Van depends on the specific model and refrigeration system installed. CoolKit ensures that the van’s payload capacity remains sufficient for transporting perishable goods while factoring in the weight of the refrigeration unit and insulation.

What is the expected lifespan of the refrigeration system in the converted Ford Transit van?

The refrigeration system in the converted Ford Transit van is designed for long-lasting performance. Regular maintenance is essential to extend its lifespan. CoolKit recommends scheduled maintenance, and their team can provide guidance on maintenance intervals and procedures to ensure optimal performance.

Is the Ford Transit Refrigerated Van easy to operate and maintain?

CoolKit strives to make their Ford Transit Refrigerated Vans user-friendly and easy to operate. They provide training to customers on how to operate the refrigeration unit, temperature control settings, and basic maintenance procedures. Additionally, their customer support team is available to provide assistance if needed.

What is the warranty coverage for the Ford Transit Refrigerated Van conversion?

CoolKit offers a comprehensive warranty for the Ford Transit Refrigerated Van conversion. The specifics of the warranty coverage, including the duration and scope, will be provided to the customer upon purchase. In case of any issues covered by the warranty, CoolKit’s support team will handle the claims process efficiently.

How does the cost of a Ford Transit Refrigerated Van compare to other brands?

The cost of a Ford Transit Refrigerated Van conversion may vary depending on the van model, the size of the refrigeration unit, and any additional customizations requested. While pricing may differ from other brands, CoolKit’s competitive pricing ensures that customers get value for their investment.

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