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Refrigerated Van Lease and Finance Options Available

We appreciate that investing in a new refrigerated van or fleet doesn’t come cheaply.

However, you can’t afford to try and cut corners when choosing the perfect vehicle for your business needs and requirements. Therefore, at CoolKit, we offer our customers various freezer and refrigerated van lease and other finance options.

CoolKit aims to make things as affordable as possible, that way, you can choose the perfect refrigerated or freezer van to suit your operations. Refrigerated van lease and finance options give you the flexibility to meet any cash flow requirements, acquire a premium fleet and remove any worries over vehicle depreciation in the long term.

We have a wide range of refrigerated vans for lease – plus, freezer and dual temperature vehicles too.

Therefore, you can take advantage of low initial payments and introduce a fleet that will help take your operations to the next level. After all, your fleet is arguably your most important asset, so you need to be fully confident in it.

By working with various funding providers, we can arrange the best deals and types of financing that suit your circumstances. The key is that it has to be affordable – there’s no point in agreeing to a finance deal that’s only going to leave you out of pocket each month and detriment your overall position. We always ensure that this never happens.

If you’re in a lucky enough position to be able to buy your fleet outright, you may still want to think about financing and other options. Inflation, depreciation and lack of options once bought may leave you with your hands tied later down the line. Financing provides businesses with a great deal of flexibility to amend the deal to their own needs.

All finance options are in line with the relevant financial authoritative regulations – our finance providers will be sure to present these to you during the consideration phase. While it may be daunting to enter a finance deal, our team of experts are always on hand to ensure that you have everything you need to commit comfortably.
Refrigerated van lease and finance options are attractive for businesses. When used correctly, they can be used to a great advantage and hold many benefits for the company.

So, why not click here and get in touch with our team today or call 0845 459 5418 and find out more about the refrigerated van lease and finance options available to you?


Speak with your vehicle expert to discuss your requirement and the specification of your refrigerated vehicle.


You will receive a quotation to ensure we have understood your needs.

Speak to the experts

All our quotes show a finance illustration, but you will also receive a call from our finance expert to offer a bespoke solution to suit your business needs.


When you’ve given us the go ahead to proceed your application, it will be sent to one of our funding partners to secure an approval.


Once approved, your documents will be emailed to you to sign and return.


When documents have been returned and we have had confirmation from our partners that you are happy for funds to be released, you are free to come and collect your vehicle from us.