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At CoolKit we understand the need for quality-assured fridge van conversions and always assist our customers in choosing the best possible option for their business needs.

Below is a selection of FAQs to assist you further. Please do not hesitate to speak to our sales team who will be more than happy to understand your temperature controlled transport requirements and prepare a bespoke proposal to match your business needs exactly.

How long does a fridge van conversion take?

On average, dependent upon the specification of the build, it takes 2 to 4 weeks.

What temperature can be attained in a refrigerated vehicle?

Our refrigerated vehicles can work from +21°C to -25°C depending on the refrigeration unit specified.

How thick is the insulation in a refrigerated vehicle?

Our insulated lining kits are 50mm for a chiller van and 75mm for a freezer van.

What is an overnight standby function on a fridge van?

Overnight standby is an external electrical plug-in facility which enables a fridge van to operate when the vehicle engine is switched off.

Do you provide shelving options for the inside of a fridge van?

Yes, we can, customised for the customers individual requirements. We offer this service during the conversion process, rather than an after-market add on.

Do you provide the commercial van as well as the conversion?

Yes, we can offer a range of makes and models, along with a selection of finance options.

Is it possible to have a fridge van without the refrigeration unit showing on the top of the van?

Yes, under bonnet and under chassis fridge units are available, dependant on the base vehicle.

What is the payload on a fridge van?

Payload is the amount of weight you can legally carry on the vehicle, after the weight of the conversion, driver and fuel have been considered. Each make and model of van will vary in payload.

What is the warranty on the refrigeration unit?

The warranty of the fridge unit varies dependant on the fridge manufacturer. Typically, it’s between 12 and 36 months. Extended warranties are available. Our aftersales department can be contacted on 0800 622 6104 or at [email protected]

What is the procedure if I have a fault with my vehicle?

Repair and Maintenance information for your vehicle or access to your vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system can be found via the van manufacturers’ dealership, or alternatively CoolKit can request the dealership contact you.

What are the terms & conditions of sale of CoolKit Ltd?