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Peugeot Refrigerated Vans For Sale

Peugeot fridge & freezer converted vans

If you’re searching for a reliable and customised refrigerated transport solution for your business, our refrigerated Peugeot van conversions are an excellent choice. These custom-made refrigerated vehicles maximise the efficiency of Peugeot vans to provide incredible functionality and ingenuity. Whether you’re transporting food, lab sampling, or pharmaceuticals, a Peugeot refrigerated van is exactly what you need.

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Why Choose a Peugeot Fridge Van?

At CoolKit, we offer an extensive selection of Peugeot refrigerated vehicles, praised for their efficiency, durability, and advanced options customised to suit commercial requirements. Here are some reasons why Peugeot stands out as a preferred choice for a fridge or freezer van:

Ample Cargo Space

Peugeot refrigerated vans are designed with a focus on boosting cargo space, serving businesses that require significant room for the transport of goods, equipment, or deliveries.


Known for their dependability, Peugeot vans assure businesses of consistent performance and reduced downtime, essential for smooth day-to-day operations.

Fuel Efficiency

Peugeot vans are renowned for their fuel efficiency, which translates into lower operating costs for businesses, as well as improved sustainability. This efficiency doesn’t compromise their performance, making them an economically wise choice for companies looking to manage budgets effectively.

Stellantis Level 3

As a recognised Level 3 partner, CoolKit aligns itself with Stellantis’ rigorous standards, showcasing its capability to deliver state-of-the-art solutions and reinforcing its position as a trusted provider of commercial vehicles within the Stellantis network.

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Key Features of Peugeot Vans

At CoolKit, we supply a diverse selection of Peugeot refrigerated vans, including the agile and compact PEUGEOT L1 (EXPERT), the reliable PEUGEOT L2 (BOXER), and the spacious PEUGEOT L3 and L4 (BOXER) models.


The Peugeot Expert, available in the L1 version, boasts a compact design and comes with a choice of different engines, delivering varying power outputs for efficient performance. With substantial load capacity, the Expert provides ample interior space suitable for accommodating small to medium-sized loads.


The Peugeot Boxer series offers enhanced capabilities and versatility. The L2 version provides increased load space compared to the Expert. It features powerful engines known for their fuel efficiency, making it a reliable choice for commercial uses.


For those requiring even more space, the L3 offer expansive space suitable for transporting large loads, with a particular focus on durability and performance to cater to a wide range of needs.


The L4 is a large, sturdy van ideal for efficiently transporting big loads. It boasts an extensive load capacity and strikes the perfect balance between fuel efficiency and strong performance. This model is recommended to businesses needing a vehicle that is both reliable and spacious.

Which Peugeot Model Is Right for Me?

Each van model has distinctive dimensions and capabilities to serve varied business demands.

Off the shelf

Browse through our expansive stocklist of the most recent Peugeot models. Whether you’re after roomy interiors, fuel efficiency, or superior cooling systems, we have the ideal van to meet your requirements in our line-up. Our off-the-shelf vans are frequently in high demand, highlighting the trust our consumers place in the quality and dependability of Peugeot vehicles, so reserve your van today.

Customise Your Peugeot Fridge Van

If you’d prefer to take things into your own hands, we are proud to offer fantastic customisable Peugeot freezer and fridge vans to give you a tailored conversion experience. You can tweak the interior arrangements and select the finest refrigeration technology for your business. This gives you the complete freedom to customise each detail of your van and create a unique space for your organisational needs. To get started, check out our configurator tool and transform your vision into a valuable asset.

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We have a large range of converted refrigerated vans. Please click below to view our stock.

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Trust in CoolKit for Your Peugeot Fridge or Freezer Van

CoolKit is the best choice for Peugeot fridge and freezer van conversions, offering bespoke solutions that blend innovation with efficiency. Our team of experts is committed to quality, durability, and customer satisfaction, meaning we transform Peugeot vans into exceptional refrigerated vehicles perfect for any business.

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