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Toyota Refrigerated Vans For Sale

Toyota fridge & freezer converted vans

Discover how functional, efficient, and reliable our CoolKit fleet of Toyota is. Crafted to leverage Toyota’s renowned high-quality standards, both in terms of performance and space optimisation, our bespoke fridge van conversions offer any business operating in the cold chain supply incredibly practical, flexible, and dynamic solutions. Explore our range of Toyota fridge vans at CoolKit and see what great difference they will make in your day-to-day activities.

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Why Choose a CoolKit Toyota Fridge Van?

Toyota stands out for its continuous commitment to excellence and technological innovation. Renowned for producing vehicles that are durable and offer outstanding fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs, the Japanese manufacturer has built a reputation for delivering a diverse range of models that consistently exceed expectations. Combining modern technology with a focus on sustainability, Toyota vans are not only efficient but also environmentally friendly. Choosing a CoolKit Toyota refrigerated van means you and your business will benefit from the following pluses:

Superior quality

Our Toyota vans are built to face the toughest challenges with extreme reliability and durability.

Flexible customisation

From interior layout to cooling systems, you can personalise your temperature-controlled vehicle to your specific business needs.

Trusted performance

Toyota’s solid reputation guarantees that your CoolKit refrigerated van operates at its best, even in demanding conditions.

Key Features of Toyota Vans

Our selection of Toyota fridge vans includes the TOYOTA L1 (PROACE CITY), TOYOTA L2 (PROACE) and TOYOTA L3 (PROACE) models. Each of them has distinctive characteristics that make it suitable for your demands.


The L1 version of the Toyota Proace City features a compact design and good length, making it suitable for urban driving with its great manoeuvrability. It offers a variety of efficient engine options (typically diesel) and a practical cargo area ideal for mid-sized loads.


Boasting a greater length compared to the L1, the Toyota Proace L2 provides ample cargo space and exceptional versatility for various commercial needs. Thanks to its robust structure, it effortlessly carries substantial loads, especially across long journeys.


The Toyota Proace L3 variant extends its length even further than previous models, offering increased cargo space and greater load capacity compared to the L2 model. With its extremely spacious interior, powerful engine options, fuel efficiency, and innovative features, the Proace L3 is perfect for heavy loads to face the most demanding challenges.

Why choose a CoolKit Refrigerated Van?

Experts in the design and manufacture of award-winning fridge vans, we offer a quick turnaround service on our conversions.

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Which Toyota Model Is Right for Me?

Whether your business operates in the food and drink industry, agriculture, or the pharmaceutical sector, CoolKit provides you with a range of Toyota refrigerated vans, both off-the-shelves and customisable, so that your products reach their destination with their freshness, quality, and safety intact.

Off the shelf

Explore our inventory of Toyota fridge vans to find the perfect solution for your business. Whether your priority is spacious interiors, fuel optimisation, or advanced cooling technology, our CoolKit range has the right vehicle for you. Our Toyota refrigerated vans are in high demand, so reserve your van today to secure your business’s refrigerated transportation needs.

Customise Your Renault Fridge Van

Use our configurator tool to customise and tailor every detail of your CoolKit Toyota refrigerated van. Combining creativity with practical needs, you will be able to personalise your van to optimise any relevant aspects, from efficiency to storage space and temperature management. Transform your ideas into concrete features and enhance your business’s refrigerated transportation capabilities!

Latest Toyota deals

Factory order TBC

Toyota Proace City Active fridge van

L1 H1 (SWB) | Euro 6.2 1.5 TD 100PS | refrigerated van (chiller)
Manual Diesel
Load Length 1,430mm
Load Height 1,060mm
Payload 845kg
Temp 0°C to +5°C
£465 P/M Exc.VAT
£24,995 Purchase Exc.VAT
view offer
Factory order TBC

Toyota Proace City Active freezer van

L1 H1 (SWB) | Euro 6.2 1.5 TD 100PS | refrigerated van (Freezer)
Manual Diesel
Load Length 1,755mm
Load Height 1,010mm
Payload 686kg
Temp -18°C
£483 P/M Exc.VAT
£25,995 Purchase Exc.VAT
view offer
Factory order TBC

Toyota Proace Active SWB fridge van

L1 H1 (SWB) | Euro 6.2 1.5 Diesel 100PS | Refrigerated Van (Chiller)
Manual Diesel
Load Length 2,110mm
Load Height 1,200mm
Payload 734kg
Temp 0°C to +5°C
£566 P/M Exc.VAT
£30,295 Purchase Exc.VAT
view offer
Factory order TBC

Toyota Proace Active SWB freezer van

L1 H1 (SWB) | Euro 6.2 1.5 Diesel 100PS | refrigerated van (freezer)
Manual Diesel
Load Length 1,961mm
Load Height 1,150mm
Payload 700kg
Temp -18°C
£592 P/M Exc.VAT
£31,695 Purchase Exc.VAT
view offer

CoolKit: Your Reliable Provider of Toyota Refrigerated Vans

Benefit from CoolKit’s extensive experience in transforming Toyota vans into efficient refrigerated and freezer units. Our refrigerated vans are robust, reliable, and incredibly performative so that they can meet the special needs of businesses requiring temperature-controlled transportation of goods. Explore our extensive fleet of Toyota refrigerated vans at CoolKit and let us guide you to find your perfect match. You can also browse our available freezer vans for sale or contact us for further assistance; we will be happy to assist you!

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