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Portable refrigerators and insulated containers

A full range from 20 litres to 1,350 litres capacity, to carry small and partial temperature-controlled loads across a range of temperatures - now with a 24-month manufacturer's warranty.

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Power Supply

Koala range accepts DC and AC power as standard. Cargo range cools using eutectic plates.

Ranges of sizes available

21 to 1,350 litres


ATP Certificates available for most products

24 Month Warranty

24 month warranty backed by Melform

Portable refrigeration by Melform

CoolKit is the sole UK and Ireland distributor for the range of insulated and temperature controlled portable refrigerated containers produced by the Italian manufacturer Melform.

There are three ranges, the Koala – refrigerated containers for food and pharmaceutical logistics, the Cargo – an insulated container for food handling, storage and delivery, and the DrIcy for the storage, handling and transport of dry ice.

Ranging in size from 21 litres to 1,350 litres capacity, these portable units are perfect for businesses who require the safe transport, or storage of goods, in either chilled, frozen or hot temperatures, but do not need a full temperature controlled vehicle conversion. The shape and designs of the containers allow for easy cleaning and determine a very low thermal dispersion.

The temperature can always be monitored thanks to the optional USB data loggers and can be used as an alternative to refrigerated vehicles for the transportation of perishable goods without affecting the cold chain. Melform’s portable refrigerated containers are fully recyclable at the end of their operational life.

NEW for 2023 - all new units now incorporate a 2-year manufacturers warranty as standard.

Meeting the required standards

The Melform range of containers is suitable for caterers, hotels, restaurants and other food service related industries which require the transport, or storage of foods in either chilled, frozen or hot temperatures.

Melform also includes a range of insulated containers suitable for the storage and transportation of pharmaceutical products, thermosensitive and thermolabile biological materials for which an accurate temperature control is required.

Melform’s containers comply with current regulations; they are NF certified, safe to work in a HACCP environment and can be supplied with an ATP Certificate for the road transport of perishable foodstuff. Temperature control is available either by electrically powered refrigeration, rechargeable batteries or eutectic plates.

The wide product range features many options which include front and top loading formats, variants with or without air recirculation, as well as optional control by Bluetooth or Apps.