Melform Koala Green 1000 AFH

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The Koala Green 140 isothermal container is the perfect solution for transporting your products at a controlled temperature. With a 830-litre capacity and a front opening, this container is equipped with a battery that provides autonomy and can be easily recharged by connecting it to the standard 230Vac mains current or an appropriate external power supply. Made with polyethylene and insulated with CFC and HCFC-free polyurethane foam, it ensures proper thermal maintenance and preserves the organoleptic properties of food while limiting the risk of bacterial proliferation.

Additional information




600 – 900



Lowest Set Point(s)

0°, -18°

Highest Set Point(s)



– 830 litres capacity
– Front loading
– External dims: 800mm W x 1200mm L x 2170mm H
– Internal dims: 605mm W x 1015mm L x 1350mm H
– Weight 164kg

Heat and Cool

Heating Capability


0°C to 40°C, -18°C to 40°C

Cooling Unit Type


Cooling Unit Position


What are CARGO insulated containers?

Mobile passive containers are an excellent option for transporting perishable goods that require temperature control. These containers are made of food-safe polyethylene and insulated with CFC and HCFC-free polyurethane foam, which helps to prevent heat loss. 

They are specifically designed to use eutectic plates that can extend temperature maintenance during transportation. With these containers, you can be assured that your perishable products will be transported safely and securely. 

What are KOALA insulated containers?

Active portable containers equipped with a cooling unit are used to store and transport perishable products at controlled temperatures. With the help of its digital thermostat, the temperature can be set and monitored to ensure that it remains constant within a range of -30°C to +40°C.

How do KOALA refrigerated containers work?

The Koala range comes with a cooling unit that has a heating resistance and direct current compressors (12V) which are specifically designed for use on board. The compressors ensure low power consumption and are highly resistant to vibrations. Additionally, the cooling unit has a double power supply system, which means it can be used both on board (12V) and in-house (230V).

Can KOALA be used inside a refrigerated vehicle?

Yes, but only with temperatures between 10 °C and 32 °C.

What is the maximum ambient temperature in which the containers can be used?

+45°C. High ambient temperatures can damage electronic components and affect container function. Performance may decrease at +45°C compared to +32°C.

What are KOALA GREEN standalone refrigerated containers?

Koala Green range includes active portable containers that come with a cooling unit, which is battery-powered, making it completely autonomous. These containers are designed for professional operators who need to store and transport perishable products at a controlled temperature. With the help of a digital thermostat, one can set and monitor the temperature, ensuring that it remains constant, ranging from -30°C to +40°C. The cooling unit in the Koala Green range features a heating resistance, and a 65Ah, 100Ah, or 120Ah removable battery that can be recharged by direct connection to the electrical network (230V) or by extracting it from the cooling unit and connecting it to the main power supply.

What are DRYCI insulated dry ice containers?

Passive containers used for handling, storage, and transport of dry ice, which sublimates instantly, require high insulation.

What are MELFORM containers made of?

These containers are produced using rotational moulding technology, which means that they are free of edges, joints, and welds. This construction technique makes the containers extremely solid yet not rigid, enabling them to withstand the vibrations associated with vehicle use, even on difficult roads. The containers are made of polyethylene, which is suitable for food contact, and are insulated with CFC and HCFC-free polyurethane foam, ensuring that heat dispersion is minimized.

What certifications are available for MELFORM containers?

Perishable foodstuffs in FRAX or FRCX class can be transported via road with an ATP valid for 6 years, followed by renewals.

NF Hygiene Alimentaire certifies the suitability of containers for food use. 

The products comply with Regulation 852/2004 for HACCP food contact.