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April 17, 2018

All about refrigerated vehicle temperature monitoring solutions

We are thrilled to announce that we have been working behind the scenes with Seven Telematics to create a high-specification pharmaceutical refrigerated vehicle for the CV Show, which has now been postponed, including an industry-leading range of temperature monitoring equipment.

The vehicle on display at the CoolKit stand ( No. 3E115 ), will be fitted with the following:

  • GPS Tracker: to allow the Transcan, switch and CANbus data to be sent to the Seven Eye system
  • Doos Switches: to monitor when both doors to the refrigerated compartments are open and closed
  • 4 Probes: to monitor the air temperature in 4 different locations within the van
  • Status Detector: to monitor fridge power and defrost settings
  • In Cab Alarm Kit: so a red light will flash in the cab when the Transcan alarms

Lets look at the equipment in more detail …

TranScan advance

Made in the UK, the Transcan Advance is the world’s most widely used road transport temperature monitoring device. Monitor critical cargo from source to shelf with this industry-standard temperature and data logger. Approved to EU Standard EN12830 and complaint with HACCP, BRC, GDP and GAMP5 guidelines, the Transcan Advance provides clear visibility of out-of-range temperature through four temperature alarm sets and an auto alarm facility. As well as protecting product integrity in transit, the Transcan Advance provides physical printed proof of temperature through delivery tickets, journey tickets and multi-day printouts.

SevenEye real-time remote temperature monitoring

transcan advance

The Transcan Advance works seamlessly with the SevenEye system to open up a wealth of insight. Gain real-time remote temperature monitoring and alerts from any browser or smartphone, with both live and historic temperature data storage as well as complete operational performance analysis on a driver, depot and fleet scale. Features include an extension KPI reporting suite, fuel consumption, over revving, harsh braking, axle weight and more. The system also lets you interrogate Transcan temperature and data loggers and automatically remotely store/access live and historic data.

Transcan advance accessories

Transcan travel accesory

GPS Tracker: State of the art vehicle tracking allows the Transcan, switch and CANbus data to be sent to the Seven Eye system, viewable in real-time on a computer or mobile. The data can also be overlaid in real-time on Google Maps. Features include live and historic vehicle snail trail, street level mapping, points of interest (waypoints) and geo-fencing.

Door Switches: Monitor when both doors to the refrigerated compartments are open and closed to reduce the risk of temperature increase or loss.

4 Probes: Constantly monitor the air temperature in 4 different locations within the refrigerated vehicle, including at cargo-level.

Status Detector: Monitor fridge power and defrost settings at all times for more effective management of your cargo, even on the road.

In Cab Alarm Kit: A red light will flash immediately in the cab when the Transcan alarms, providing immediate alerts about range temperature alarms, axle weights, tachograph issues, geo-fences, barred locations, fuel theft and more.

For more information speak to our team. We will confirm the new CV Show date as soon as possible.