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CoolKit, the UK’s largest specialist in temperature-controlled vans, has launched its CoolSelecta configurator, which will enable customers to visualise their conversion and help inform their choice in terms of which make, model and specification might be best for them.

This state-of-the-art online device will enable users to see in interactive 3D the variety of options available to them at the same time as being able to create digitally the perfect combination of equipment for their own unique needs.

Views of both the inside and the outside of the van are available. There is a full range of mainstream vans to choose from, and the user can even choose from a range of paint colours.

Once satisfied with their selection, users simply submit the specification to CoolKit, who will respond promptly with a quotation for the work. Then, with agreement, the specification forms the basis of the customer’s order.

CoolKit’s head of technical sales, Cameron Javed said: “We have found that it is very easy for confusion to arise when attempting to specify transport refrigeration equipment, so we developed CoolSelecta, a fantastic new app on our website that will give customers a full understanding of the choices available, which we think will greatly help to optimise fleet productivity.

“Several pre-set options will help further simplify and facilitate faster turnaround by standardisation. A range of popular options is available to choose from including mid-bulkheads, safety steps, and PVC strips. Other equipment that can be tailored to individual requirements includes shelving, racking and load restraining systems.

“It is ideal for buyers of refrigerated vehicle conversions such as commercial vehicle dealers and brokerages to be able to visualise how their own customers conversions will appear.

“It is also ideal for buyers of vans to evaluate how much they might be able to load onto their new vehicle – especially if they only make such decisions infrequently”.

This is just the latest development at CoolKit, where we have nurtured a reputation as award-winning innovators in our sector. We enjoy seeing our vans on every high street and we hope that the CoolSelecta will help to facilitate this by guiding our customers to make the right choice.

Supplying temperature-controlled van conversions, ready-converted vans, and portable refrigerators for both small and large fleets, CoolKit’s products maintain precise, critical temperature control, ensuring the safe and compliant transportation of foods, pharmaceuticals, and environmental samples, whilst optimising fleet productivity, and minimising ownership and running costs.

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