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Continuing its long-standing partnership with Italian manufacturer Melform, CoolKit is now supplying the new DrIcy line of fully portable insulated containers to customers within the UK and Ireland.

The DrIcy range from Melform has been designed and manufactured for the handling, storage and transport of dry ice.

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide and an ideal and popular way to maintain precise temperatures of goods, such as perishable foods and pharmaceuticals, in transit.

Because it sublimates – changes from solid to gas – constantly, its storage requires high thermal insulation to minimise loss and maintain its quality.

The DrIcy range has been specially created to solve this need. The containers are constructed from polyethylene using a process called rotational moulding, which results in the container being free from edges, joints and welds, and suitable for food contact. They are insulated with CFC- and HFC-free polyurethane foam to guarantee a very low rate of heat transfer – and therefore prolonging the solid state of the dry ice.

The range spans six container sizes, with capacity from 33 litres up to 540 litres – equivalent to a range between 25kg and 430kg in terms of weight.

DrIcy joins CoolKit’s portfolio of Melform products, which also includes the Koala – refrigerated containers for food and pharmaceutical logistics – and the Cargo – an insulated container for food handling, storage and delivery.

What’s more, all Melform refrigerators and containers now come with two years warranty as standard.

Cameron Javed, CoolKit’s head of technical sales said: “These portable units are perfect for businesses who need to safely handle, transport or store dry ice. As well as the wide range of sizes, there are choices in terms of portability – either pallet skids or castors, to suit operational needs.

“Dry ice has many useful applications within transport logistics, so it’s fantastic that we are able to offer the DrIcy range to our existing and new customers. With their very low thermal conductivity of just 0.29Wm2K, the containers really do optimise the life of the dry ice, substantially reducing the amount otherwise wasted.”

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