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So how do you choose the right van for your business? Well, with the help of CoolKit, we can help you make the decision confidently. We innovate, we listen and we deliver. Choosing the right van is vital to ensure you can continue to expand your business and delight your customers.

Whether you’re a pharmaceutical company or running a food or catering business –  a refrigerated or freezer van can have many great benefits. We can lend a hand to accommodate a broad scope of bespoke specifications. Therefore, you can be reassured that CoolKit will turn your orders around quickly and without any compromise on quality levels. 

But what should you consider before choosing? We’ll cover everything you need to know in this post. From which type of van is best for your business (fridge or freezer), the different vans which are suitable for different industries and your options available for hire, leasing and rental.


We’ll cover:


What Temperature Do Your Goods Need to be Transported At?

Specific vans have individual temperature-controlled capabilities. With different temperatures, comes different outcomes. If you’re working within the floral industry, your needs will be different to the pharmaceutical industry and vice versa. It’s important to choose the best-suited vehicle for your specific industry requirements. 

The main area to consider is the temperature needed for your goods. What will you be transporting and what temperature do you need to maintain for your journey? As soon as you know this, you’ll be able to explore the options available at CoolKit and begin to take your business offerings to the next level. 

We want to help you, reassure you and take the work out of choosing. We understand how daunting it can be to invest in a new van or extend your existing fleet, so we’ll cut out the nonsense and get straight to it.


Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

When transporting medicines, equipment or samples it’s vital they’re stored hygienically at a constant, cool temperature. If they’re not, they’ll be deemed unsafe to administer. Typically, a van with various compartments, that operates at numerous temperatures and has emergency backup power is the best-suited van for this industry. 

At CoolKit, we have vast experience working within the pharmaceutical industry. We’ve worked with AAH Pharmaceuticals Ltd – one of the UK’s leading distributors of pharmaceuticals, healthcare products and services. Our team of experts assisted them with 900 temperature-controlled Ford Transit vehicles which have many bespoke built-in features that met their requirements – CCTV, reporting features and much more.


Food-Service and Catering

The temperature of catering goods, whether hot or cold, during transportation, will depend entirely on the produce itself. A fridge or cooler van would carry items that need to be stored at a temperature over zero degrees centigrade. Whereas, freezer vans are built to achieve and maintain lower temperatures. Catering businesses would usually opt for a dual temperature vehicle to transport a range of goods together. 

We’ve continued to support businesses in this industry. One of our previous projects was with Alpine Fine Foods – they placed an order for 28 Renault Masters vans to help distribute high-quality food across East Yorkshire. One of their biggest concerns was the payload. We used our innovative techniques to create bespoke vans that could carry their products without making their vehicles any heavier than needed. We helped them save on overheads, vehicle running costs and driver costs by creating an even lighter conversion. 



When handling, transporting or storing samples, strict protocols must be followed. Samples must be kept at required temperatures and in a condition, representative of the sample’s quality at the time of sampling. Where required, vans with a partition or have dual refrigeration units are best suited to this industry. So, samples can be kept at a constant temperature.

ALS is one of the UK’s leading providers of food testing. ALS wanted the highest quality refrigerated vans for sampling transportation and that’s why they chose CoolKit. Their samples needed to be kept between one to five degrees centigrade. They knew they could rely on us as a specialist converter of temperature-controlled vehicles – we successfully met their individual and clients needs. 

Once you know what goods you’ll be transporting and you’re aware of the temperatures they need transporting at, you’ll feel more confident choosing the right van for your needs. Whether you want to choose one of the existing vans from our range or you want to customise yours to your requirements, we’ve got you covered.


Which CoolKit Van? Fridge or Freezer? 

We’re experts in designing and manufacturing award-winning vans, we’ve been in the industry for 15 years and we trade in 10 countries. We can guarantee we’ll be able to find the right van for you. No matter what industry you’re a part of, choosing the right van for your business is essential. 

Whether that’s a fridge van or a freezer van, both offer different solutions. Although there’s very few differences between them – besides a thicker layer of insulation, it’s important to know the options available. Choosing the right van will retain your existing customers, it’ll generate new customers, streamline your operations and future proof your business. 


Cool Kit fridge freezer vans


Cooler/fridge vans are designed to carry goods that need to be maintained at a temperature of zero to eight degrees centigrade. This makes them useful for a range of industries – whether that’s food or even the floral industry. They typically have a thinner layer of insulation. Our ready-built fridge (chiller) vans are designed with thermal performance, payload and hygiene in mind, with options to add numerous features to suit your use. Rest assured, our vans will continue to keep your products chilled and in pristine condition.

Freezer vans are built to achieve and maintain much lower temperatures of minus 18 degrees centigrade or lower. They have thicker insulation which allows for the most significant freezing. This lessens how much the inside of the cargo area is affected by the heat or sun’s rays on the exterior of the van. 

If you’ll be transporting both frozen and chilled goods, there’s no need to buy two separate vans. Some vehicles come with various functions and features that have dual compartments. All your needs can be met with complete confidence. With our guidance you’ll save money, you’ll increase overall efficiency and your products will remain in their desired condition. 


Contract Hire, Leasing and Rental

Are you looking to purchase or hire? Regardless of your agreement, you’ll always receive unrivalled levels of commitment and support from our team. 

We have a wide range of options available to suit your budget, your payment requirements and your business needs. Whether you’re wanting to rent for a certain period of time or you’re looking for a hassle-free payment approach – we’ve got it covered. All of our vehicles are accredited to the required industry standards. So no matter the requirements, we’ve got the solution for you.


CoolKit Can Help You!

Now you know the importance of choosing a van according to your desired temperature and some of the industries we work in, it’s now time to look at the options available to you. We understand that this can be a daunting and exciting time and we’re on hand to help with anything you need assistance with.

Here at CoolKit, we can provide flexible, bespoke quotes depending on your requirements and our expert team are always on hand to help. We can bring your vision alive and help you continue to deliver your best customer service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Alternatively, you can explore our range of bespoke vans, individually catered to each need and requirement. With unrivalled capacity, expert innovation and efficiency and profitability for all – you needn’t go elsewhere.