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There are a number of refrigeration units available in the industry and they all have different specifications and capabilities. During the initial enquiry with our specially trained sales representatives, we will gather specific information about your refrigerated transport requirements to ensure that the refrigeration unit proposed is suited to your exact needs.

Fridge van make and model

If you are looking for a fridge van conversion and have already sourced the commercial panel van elsewhere, we would need to know the specifications of the make and model in question; this is so that we can ensure the refrigeration unit assigned to your van will be powerful enough to carry your chosen products without compromising the temperature during transportation and therefore the quality of the produce carried. Vans with a larger internal volume will require a higher powered unit and vans with a smaller internal volume will generally require a lower powered unit as they don’t need to keep as much space chilled or frozen. The make and model of the van will also determine if the Air Conditioning System can be retained or whether this will need to be decommissioned.

Should you require a complete fridge van package from us then depending on your requirements any preferences in the van make and model we will make sure to propose a refrigerated transport package that will result in the best possible performance, giving our customers peace of mind on their fridge van investment.

Temperature required and product type

The temperature required within your load space will play a big part in determining the correct refrigeration unit to be specified within our proposal. Whether you require a chilled application, frozen or dual temperature, we will propose the most powerful refrigeration unit to make sure the correct temperature is reaching during operation and maintain throughout your working day.

Drop Rate

How many ‘drops’ you will be making each day will also need to be taken into consideration when picking the right refrigeration unit for your van, this also includes the length of your average working day. The higher the drop rate and the longer your working day, the more powerful your unit will need to be due to the doors being opened more regularly letting the warm air from outside rush into the fridge van load space.

Does your Fridge Van have Stop/Start engine?

CoolKit Ltd continue to set standards in the industry by providing a solution to the stop/start system on newer vehicles. By using this interface, when the vehicle is started, the stop/start function is automatically disengaged so that turning the feature off each time you start the van is no longer necessary.

Do you want to keep your Fridge Van running securely during deliveries?

We have recently introduced a ‘run lock’ system to our portfolio which will allow drivers to keep their fridge van running via the vehicles engine whilst the van is stopped. This system also monitors a number of safety features, automatically deactivating the engine if any unauthorised movement is detected.