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Last week we announced how CoolKit received a Class-C ATP Certification for our refrigerated vehicles. To achieve this, we carried out a type approval of the insulated structure design so that all our vehicles can be issued with the certificate.

What is ATP and why do you need it?

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Converting a panel van into a refrigerated vehicle needs a robust and quality-assured insulated conversion. ATP defines the correct standards that CoolKit need to follow during the design and manufacturing, for our customers to legally use our fridge vans when exporting perishable foods.

Always going that step further for our customers, we not only applied for the Type Approval, but we were successfully enough to receive the FRC Classification (or also known as Class-C), the top level of classification possible, covering Mechanically Refrigerated with Heavy Insulated. This allows all our vehicles to be Type Approved, from a chiller van, to a freezer and even deep-freeze temperature ranges.

How to get an ATP certificate

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Thanks to the investment made by us, our customers can now stop worrying about sourcing their own ATP Certificate. Simply request our certificate when placing your fridge van order with us.

When requesting an ATP Certificate with your order, you will receive a unique certification and the RTVC will have a record of the chassis number, registration number, the registered keeper and the type of refrigeration unit fitted.

However, should you need to source your own ATP Certificate for an existing vehicle within your fleet, this is possible to acquire in two ways: either with a one-off testing of the vehicle, or as a serially produced design accepted through Type Approval.

Insulated vehicle type approval

We have submitted our design of a fridge van conversion using our own bespoke insulated lining kits for testing, which was granted Type Approval. If we adhere to the use of our own bespoke design, all our vehicles can be issued with an ATP Certificate without the need to submit the individual vehicle for further testing.

The objective of the Type Approval procedure was to establish a technical statement in ATP terms of our manufacturing design. This must meet the standards laid down by ATP, whilst also satisfying RVTC that we have effective quality control standards, determined by a factory inspection.

With continuous research & development and innovation taking place at our head office in Lancashire, we are in an advantageous position to offer industry-leading refrigerated vehicles to our customers.