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In the growing world of delivery markets, the demand for refrigerated vans has significantly increased. These versatile vehicles have become an indispensable resource for businesses of all sizes delivering high-quality, perishable goods to their customers. Now, more than ever, a reliable refrigerated van could spell the difference between a successful delivery and a wasted investment.

Among the numerous van options available, the Ford Transit stands out as a prime candidate for refrigeration conversion. But what makes the Ford Transit the ideal choice? Let’s delve deeper into the benefits of choosing a Ford Transit for your refrigerated van conversion needs.

The Ford Transit has demonstrated its superiority in the van market, maintaining its dominance in sales throughout the previous year. In 2022, the Ford Transit Custom secured the top position with an impressive 42,762 sales, while the larger Ford Transit closely followed with 33,203 registrations, solidifying its strong presence in the industry.

Why Choose a Ford Transit for Refrigerated Conversion?

1. Versatility for modifications

The Ford Transit is a model of adaptability. Originally designed as a freight or work van, the Ford Transit has demonstrated its suitability for conversion into a refrigerated van. With its ample interior space and robust build, it lends itself well to the installation of insulation, refrigeration units, and other modifications necessary for temperature-controlled transportation. You can use our CoolSelecta van configuration tool to modify and adapt your van to your specific needs.

2. Built for conversion

The Ford Transit conversion design begins with the in-house manufacturing and precision cutting of lightweight reinforced panels. Once robotically cut, a skilled team expertly fits these panels into the van’s structure. Subsequently, the interior of the van is meticulously lined to ensure optimal insulation.

A refrigeration unit is then installed from a wide range of manufacturers including GAH, Hubbard (Zanotti), Carrier Transicold, Thermo King (Trane Technologies) or Webasto refrigeration providing reliable solutions for temperature-sensitive transportation needs.

Prior to dispatch, each vehicle undergoes thorough Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) checks. This detailed assessment guarantees that the vehicle is in impeccable condition, adhering to the high standard required of a designated Ford Pro Converter.

3. Driver-friendly controls

One of the standout features of the Ford Transit’s refrigeration unit is its driver-friendly controls. The Ford Transit allows the driver to control the cooling unit from the cabin via a separate component that is supplied with the fridge unit. This feature saves time and enhances the convenience of managing temperature-sensitive deliveries whilst displaying the temperature on board as well as other factors.

4. Power and Performance

The Ford Transit is not just about space and comfort; it also delivers in the power department. The diesel–powered Transit has a great selection of cutting-edge 2.0-litre Ford EcoBlue diesel engines, delivering enhanced power and improved efficiency. With four powertrain options to choose from, including models capable of generating up to 170PS, you can be confident in finding the perfect fit for your individual requirements. Additionally, the Transit offers the option of an HDT (Heavy Duty Truck) engine, catering to customers who operate larger vehicles or require robust performance for weightier applications. Each engine is ordinarily paired with a select-shift six-speed transmission for enhanced drivability and fuel economy, with optional automatic transmission.

CoolKit, specialises in converting the all-new zero-emission fully electric E-Transit into temperature-controlled vehicles. The E-Transit clinched an impressive trio of titles at Whatcar? Van Awards 2023, securing the Best Large Van, Best Electric Van, and the ultimate Van of the Year award. Judges praised its electric range, effortless acceleration, and payload capabilities. CoolKit’s expertise lies in designing and equipping the interiors of E-Vans with essential refrigeration and insulation systems, ensuring the maintenance of precise temperature ranges, and aligning perfectly with the e-Transit’s purpose-built nature. This symbiotic partnership is especially invaluable for sectors like food delivery and pharmaceutical distribution, where optimum temperature control during transportation is essential.

A fleet of opportunities

While the Ford Transit is a fantastic vehicle for refrigeration conversion, it’s not the only Ford vehicle suitable for this purpose. Other Ford commercial vehicles such as the Ford Connect and Ford Courier can also be upgraded to serve as refrigerated vans. So, if you’re in need of a diverse fleet of refrigerated Ford vehicles then CoolKit will deliver.

A seamless delivery process

Opting for a Ford Transit as your refrigerated van offers a significant benefit in terms of convenience during the delivery process. Since Ford serves as a direct supplier to CoolKit, you can enjoy a seamless experience where you can place an order, have the van converted, and have it delivered – all from a single source. CoolKit takes care of the entire process, ensuring that your newly converted refrigerated van is conveniently delivered right to your doorstep, eliminating any potential hassle on your part. CoolKit proudly holds the Ford Pro accreditation. Our extensive expertise in converting Ford vans into refrigerated and freezer vehicles ensures exceptional quality and performance. Tailored precisely to meet the specific requirements of businesses in need of refrigerated transportation, our Ford Fridge & Freezer Converted Vans provide an ideal solution.

Buy a ready-converted refrigerated Ford Transit van from CoolKit

If you’re looking for a refrigerated van, the Ford Transit presents itself as an ideal choice. With its versatility, conversion-friendly design, long range and powerful performance, it is perfectly suited for businesses needing to transport perishable goods. Coupled with Ford’s commitment to customer satisfaction and quality service, you can be confident that the Ford Transit will meet and exceed all your refrigerated van needs.

CoolKit stocks a range of ready-converted vans including models from Ford – which are available for near-immediate delivery (subject to the process of new vehicle registration).

Speak to our team today about your specific van requirements and we’ll guide you through the process. Fill out our form, call 0845 459 5418 or alternatively email [email protected].