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CoolKit’s Innovative EV Conversions: Pioneering a Greener Transport Future

Road transport, including refrigerated vehicles, accounts for 11.9% of global greenhouse gas emissions* making it necessary for all of us operating in the transport sector to work together to ensure we deliver a more sustainable industry. And CoolKit has placed this at the forefront of our operations.

That’s why – to mark World EV Day™ (9 September) – we wanted to share how CoolKit is supporting the shift to a decarbonised society by overcoming the challenges of converting electrically powered vehicles for fleets.

Our valued customers provide essential services across the UK – from delivering crucial medication to patients and fresh produce to foodbanks to transporting environmental samples to ensure our water supplies remain clean.

The common trend among these diverse services is the necessity to maintain a precise, temperature-controlled environment throughout transportation.

This is where CoolKit comes in. With our products capable of maintaining temperatures ranging from -25°C to +25°C, we provide the critical temperature control required for various goods and services.

Our approach involves taking a commercial vehicle, collaborating closely with our customers to understand their bespoke needs and then converting it to provide the right temperature-controlled environment required.

Ensuring maximum payload has always been a key focus for CoolKit and this remains as we start to see electric refrigerated vehicle conversations increasing.

Electric vans tend to be heavier, meaning that the payload – the amount they can carry – may be compromised. If the issue of payload is not addressed, it can lead to logistical challenges and decreased productivity.  This has the potential to increase the number of refrigerated vehicles required to carry out the existing workload – which is not going to help ease congestion.

Reducing unladen vehicle mass and increasing available load volume are core strategies for improving refrigerated vehicle payload in terms of mass and volume, and therefore individual vehicle productivity – this is something CoolKit is working on, as well as addressing fuel efficiency and battery capacity.

Our key goal is to help eliminate barriers for fleet operators, enabling a smoother transition to electric refrigerated vehicles. With targets to remove the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles in the UK by 2030 and Clean Air Zones being introduced across the country, coupled with support introduced by the Government to purchase low-emission vehicles, now is the time that many organisations are looking to upgrade at least some – if not all – of their van fleet.

In addition to our commitment to a sustainable and decarbonized future, CoolKit is thrilled to introduce you to our state-of-the-art electric vehicle (EV) conversions. We are proud to showcase how CoolKit is at the forefront of transforming the transport industry. Our state-of-the-art EV conversions are designed to meet the unique needs of our valued customers across the UK, ranging from vital medical deliveries to essential food supply chains and environmental services.

The EV market offers a range of excellent electric commercial vans, including the Ford E-Transit, Citreon Berlingo and Maxus e-Deliver. In fact, CoolKit has successfully completed numerous electric van conversions this year, including an industry-first electric conversion for Lola’s Cupcakes. More about this exciting project can be found here: [Lola’s Cupcakes Electric Van Conversion](

To experience the innovation firsthand, we invite you to explore our amazing Configurator Coolselcta. With this interactive tool, you can tailor your own refrigerated van, customised to your exact specifications. Whether you require temperatures as low as -25°C or as high as +25°C, our Configurator Coolselcta empowers you to create the ideal temperature-controlled environment for your goods and services.

If you’re thinking of making the switch to electric refrigerated vehicles, please contact our dedicated sales team on 0845 459 5418. CoolKit is here to support your journey towards a sustainable and efficient refrigerated vehicle fleet.