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We stock huge numbers of new fridge vans in-stock here at CoolKit, helping us to facilitate the fastest order fulfilment in the refrigerated van industry.

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Freezer Vans

CoolKit holds the largest stock of new freezer vans in the UK, with a variety of makes and models available. Competitive finance options available.

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Electric vans

Electrification is growing by the minute, and here at CoolKit we are doing everything we can to meet this demand.

What we are doing

By working closely with technology providers that can provide the right solutions to our customers’ individual needs, we have substantially increased our knowledge with each conversion and are now recognised as true sector specialists.

Our refrigeration units are powered by an autonomous lithium-ion power source designed specifically by CoolKit for the purpose of powering an isolated on-board refrigerating system. This is often arranged with other high technology equipment such as battery protection, data-logging and telemetry systems.

The battery, charged separately through its own charging point, is small and lightweight, and can be incorporated within the vehicle with minimal impact.

The use of independent batteries ensures that our conversions draw no power from the vehicle’s own battery and therefore, crucially, has no impact on the real-world driving range promised by the vehicle manufacturer.

It is also vital that the vehicles own re-charging period is not prolonged by any ancillary equipment and therefore it is an important consideration that any such batteries can be re-charged in a shorter period.

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