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We stock huge numbers of new fridge vans in-stock here at CoolKit, helping us to facilitate the fastest order fulfilment in the refrigerated van industry.

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CoolKit holds the largest stock of new freezer vans in the UK, with a variety of makes and models available. Competitive finance options available.

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Sales of electrically powered vans are growing rapidly. At CoolKit we are focused on identifying the best solutions for our customers by applying extensive Research, Development and Innovation.



Some of the Refrigerating Options

By working closely with technology providers that can provide the right solutions to our customers’ individual needs, we have substantially increased our knowledge with each conversion and are now recognised as true sector specialists.

For most applications, we choose electrically-operated refrigeration units which can typically take electricity from one of two sources.

In one scenario, the refrigeration system is powered by lithium-ion batteries which are completely independent of the vehicle’s own power. Batteries of this type are recognised for being able to withstand thousands of discharging and recharging cycles without suffering the worst of degradation. They are often arranged with other high technology equipment such as battery protect systems and on-board chargers. The use of independent batteries ensures that our conversions draw no power from the vehicle’s own battery and therefore, crucially, there is no impact on the real-world driving range promised by the vehicle manufacturer.

Alternatively, it is now commonplace to take electrical power from the vans’ own batteries, up to certain levels permitted by the van manufacturer. This way, even less of your vans’ valuable payload is taken up by more batteries.

Often, in conjunction with either system, we propose the installation of telemetry systems to provide the owner or fleet manager with real insight into the live status of his fleet. For example he may be able to re-route his driver with insight into how much power is available.

Whichever of these scenarios you choose, be sure to choose CoolKit’s heavy-duty insulating kit. Doing so will minimise the working hours of the refrigerating system, with the effect of maximising the working day without running out ofpower.

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