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Sam Hargreaves, our longest serving member of the sales team answers the most common questions around fridge van conversion kits including what they are, how they are made and what are the benefits for both yourself, and your potential customer.

What are fridge van conversion kits?

Refrigerated van conversion kits are essentially a selection of items and materials that you can use to convert a refrigerated vehicle. Here at CoolKit, we design and manufacture a vast range of insulating kits for fridge and freezer van conversions onsite, however these kits alone are perfect for vehicle body builders, fridge engineers or transport refrigeration trades who are involved in fridge van conversions.  So, how are bespoke conversion kits made?

The van conversion kits are manufactured using extruded polyester, also known as XPS. This is a rigid insulation formed with polystyrene polymer and fabricated using an extrusion process. Then, the insulated lining kits for the sides and roof of the panel van are permanently bonded together with GRP plastic which has been manufactured using a roving process to reliably and permanently bond the insulation. The kits vary in thickness depending on whether you want a fridge van or freezer vehicle. For example, for an ambient and chilled temperature, it would be 50mm.

The prepared kits are then cut to size using state-of-the-art CNC machinery, computer driven to match the CAD designs exactly, without risk of human error. This ensures a quality installation to match a variety of commercial van makes and models.


For You: What types of businesses need them?

Any business which requires a refrigerated vehicle can invest in a conversion kit, if they have the means to convert a vehicle. If not, CoolKit are award-winning manufacturer of temperature controlled vehicles and offer converted vehicles. We have a full range of kits available for all popular van makes, models and temperature applications. The quality of the kit, and the instructions provided ensure a quick and easy assembly, which can provide a great margin for you as a business. And, let’s not forget the lightweight timber free panels result in a safe and easy handling – important when fitting the kit.

For Your Customer: What benefits do they provide?  

Firstly, something that is important to all transporters of goods: payload. The ultra-light insulating kits we manufacture have an award-winning payload, and they are the UK’s first that are sustainably timber-free. Also, many kits are built to a level that would pass Type A (Chilled) or Type C (Frozen) ATP Approval Certificate tests, and there is the comfort of knowing most products are fully accredited by van manufacturers.

What is in a Conversion kit?

So, I can’t speak for other businesses, but here at CoolKit, we include the following:

  • A full set of panels cut using CNC-machined precision, comprising closed-cell extruded polystyrene insulation and high impact GRP for a hardwearing, hygienic, insulated interior
  • Floor surface ready-finished with a choice of surface types and polypropylene load-bearing reinforcement
  • Pre-cut extruded aluminium skirtings
  • Gel-coated wheel boxes with ready-fitted insulation
  • CNC-machined door skins with ready-fitted insulation
  • Waterproof LED light housing with connectors
  • All the adhesive sealants and tapes that are required
  • Full instructions including CAD drawings illustrating the assembly process

You can also add optional extras such as load restraining tracks, pallet loading protection, PVC strip curtains and moulded parts.

To find out more or get a quote for a conversion kit, visit…