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If you’re a fleet operator, it’s clear that you’ll rely on your vehicles every day. Without them, your trade won’t drive forward and you’ll be limited with your capabilities as a business. Considering a fleet upgrade can be a daunting decision but sometimes, it’s one of the greatest investments for business longevity.

Maybe you’re wanting to expand your fleet and make the most of new technology? Or are you wanting to make the switch to all-electric vehicles before the deadline in 2050? Either way, it’s inevitable that the daily wear and tear on your vehicles will take its toll eventually so being aware of when to upgrade your fleet is essential.

So, when is the right time to upgrade? The answer is, there are a lot of contributing factors that will influence this decision and we’re going to cover them all in this post. 

We’ll cover:


Older Than 5 Years

If your fleet vehicles are older than five years, then they’re at their premium time for upgrading. At this stage, van warranties may have expired, mileage will have increased and maintenance repairs may likely be more costly.

If the vehicle warranty has run out, repair costs are likely to be higher if anything did go wrong. Higher risks of complications are always likely with an older vehicle and fleet.

Keeping your business moving forward at an optimal level whilst also keeping your vehicles running at peak performance is essential. Overlooking the age of your vehicles will put your entire business at risk of downtime. So don’t skip this vital tip when deciding on a vehicle and fleet upgrade.


Travelled Over 100,000 KMs

On average, a delivery van travels on average 13,000 miles per year. This distance can impact the condition of a vehicle, especially if maintenance isn’t conducted regularly. 

The more distance your fleet carries out, the more maintenance will be required to keep it in top condition. Around 100,000 miles or km, you’ll need to be prepared to see increased operating costs and maintenance as this is normal for an older vehicle. However, with an upgrade, you’ll be saving money for the long term.

With added mileage also comes other added complications. With an older vehicle that’s travelled more miles, the engine will no longer be as efficient and it’ll likely consume more fuel over time. This again will hike up the operating costs and as a collective fleet, will be a pricey consequence of not considering vehicle and fleet upgrades. 


Cosmetic Damage to the Interior and Exterior

Minor bumps, scratches and dents are a normal part of motoring, especially when your vans or fleet are older than five years. Although they might not be anything to worry about, cosmetic damage can leave lasting problems that could become more severe.

Firstly, a damaged and scratched vehicle will dampen your brand image. After all, it’s not a good look. If you’re wanting to deliver goods and maintain your excellent business reputation, the appearance of your vehicles is just as important as the performance.

However, severe cosmetic damage will have lasting consequences. Paint that’s been damaged could lead to rust and this will damage the structural strength of the vehicle. Dents, holes and scratches could also impact the interior of your van – especially if it’s refrigerated. Leaving a lasting impact on the contents of your vehicle. If you’ve got cosmetic damage, this may also be another reason to take the leap and upgrade your vehicle or fleet.


coolkit van upgrade


Outdated Technology

Older vans have older technology and although this might not be an issue right now, it does come with its limitations. Upgrading your vehicles will also mean that you can take advantage of new innovative technology that makes driving easier, more productive and safer.

Introducing new technologies into your fleet will only work in your favour. Upgrades will benefit your operations and enable you to keep track of everything to limit breakdowns and vehicle downtime. Introducing new technology can seem confusing and it can often be overlooked but if you’re wanting to support your business for the future, this is a worthy consideration to make.

If you do choose to upgrade your vehicle, always explore the technology in detail to ensure it’ll offer you and your business what it needs. There’s so much variety in the market, it can be hard to choose. You may need the technology that will help you monitor vehicle performance whilst also keeping your drivers safe and informed.


Ready to Make the Switch to Electric

If you’re ready to get prepared and make the switch to electricity, that’s great news. The UK Government is committed to meeting net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. To meet this demand, all businesses will NEED to be zero-emission at the tailpipe.

There are multiple electric vehicle options on the market. And by 2023, there’ll be even more options to choose from as van manufacturers work hard to produce innovative and productive solutions for every business. If you’re keen to experience less downtime, prepare yourself for the future and rid your business of hidden maintenance costs – you need to explore your options now.

Most larger businesses may have the budget to upgrade, but this isn’t the case for everyone. Rest assured, some businesses will be eligible for UK Government funding and grants to help make the switch to electric.

Although some upfront costs are higher, electric vans are considerably cheaper than diesel vehicles to run. The cost per mile is lower, there’s fewer moving parts to maintain and overall they’re more cost-effective.

But where do you start if you’re considering upgrading your fleet? We’ve got you covered!


CoolKit Refrigerated Van Specialists

Investing in any new vehicle is daunting, never mind upgrading your fleet. But the more prepared you are now, the more prepared you’ll be for tomorrow’s challenges. Your fleet is what delights customers, delivers goods and services and it’s the backbone of your business. 

At CoolKit, we understand. We’ve been a leader in temperature-controlled vans in the UK for over 15 years. We aim to solve the problems of those who operate in food service, pharmaceutical, catering and sampling trades by listening, innovating and delivering exceptional results. 

We can help you find the right solution for your business – FACT. Our diverse industry experience has equipped us with all the skills we need to meet your expectations, help you maximise vehicle efficiency and create business productivity. 

As the demand for new vehicles increases and businesses start to prepare for the zero-emission deadline, we’re responding rapidly and providing environmentally friendly alternative solutions to those who need and want them. We’ve invested heavily into our research so we know everything we need to help businesses succeed, grow and innovate.


Are You Upgrading Your Current Fleet? CoolKit Can Help!

After reading this, we hope you understand the necessary considerations to make before upgrading your fleet. Maybe these five factors don’t stand out to you or maybe they’ve made you realise it’s time for an upgrade – either way, we’re always here to help.

If you have questions that need answering or you’re keen to explore some of the options that might be available to you – you’re in the right place. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team, we’ll be happy to help. Get in touch as soon as possible and start driving your business forward for success!