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We stock huge numbers of new fridge vans in-stock here at CoolKit, helping us to facilitate the fastest order fulfilment in the refrigerated van industry.

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CoolKit holds the largest stock of new freezer vans in the UK, with a variety of makes and models available. Competitive finance options available.

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Coolkit Blog

From buyer’s guides to reviews to the latest industry knowledge, the CoolKit blog has everything you need – courtesy of our refrigeration vehicle experts.

best electric vans

6 Best Electric Vans For All Businesses

Electric vans are powerful, efficient, environmentally friendly and more comfortable to control. Not to forget, electric vans have also been endorsed by the government, helping...

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Cool Kit freezer vans

Which Refrigerated Van is Perfect For You?

So how do you choose the right van for your business? Well, with the help of CoolKit, we can help you make the decision confidently....

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Electric Vans: Worth the Investment or Not?

Interested in doing your bit for the environment and want to explore the perks of an electric van? Then it might be the choice for...

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the importance of regular van servicing

The Importance of Regular Refrigerated Van Servicing

Transporting perishable goods – whether they’re food and beverage related or medical – demand a vehicle that can offer reliability and safety. Not only does...

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Van Repairs to Make Before Business Resumption

7 Van Repairs to Make Before Business Resumption

If you’ve been forced to press pause on your operations for a long period of time, you’ll want to ensure everything runs as smoothly when...

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CoolKit’s innovative solutions for an electric van future

CoolKit has developed another innovative solution to help meet the objective of a greener, electric future. The Burnley-based convertor has designed a temperature-controlled solution for...

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